Adobe and Databricks develop a partnership that enables brands to deliver AI-driven personalization at scale

Adobe and Databricks develop a partnership that enables brands to deliver AI-driven personalization at scale marquee

Adobe is innovating with Databricks to bring best-of-breed capabilities for our mutual customers. We have developed seamless integrations between Adobe Experience Platform and Databricks, that enable brands to compose data- and AI-driven insights from Databricks to create personalized customer experiences at scale and speed.

Enhanced integrations between Adobe Experience Platform and Databricks enable brands to reduce data movement, govern the use of sensitive data while maintaining interoperability, and minimize friction in finding insights with machine learning insights. Adobe and Databricks deliver value for mutual customers through the following key innovations:

Improve personalization and reduce data movement through Federated Audience Composition in Adobe Experience Platform

Marketers want to leverage enterprise data in Databricks to drive the best data foundation for personalizing customer experiences via Adobe Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer applications, built on Adobe Experience Platform. Seamless collaboration between Databricks and Adobe with minimal data movement lets marketers access essential data in a marketer-friendly UI. Federated Audience Composition, a new capability in Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Journey Optimizer, allows marketers to directly discover relevant data from Databricks and create high-value audiences, without copying or duplicating volumes of underlying dataset — while ensuring the highest level of security, governance, and compliance. This feature reduces the dependence on IT teams to manage integrations or write queries, opens up access to additional datasets for personalization, and accelerates time to value from personalization use cases.

Empowering marketers and data scientists to deliver AI-driven personalization

Combining the capabilities in Adobe and Databricks will accelerate the value of AI and machine learning insights for personalization use cases and improve the quality of these insights through feedback. Adobe’s new capability, AI/machine learning features pipeline in Adobe Experience Platform Data Distiller, enables our customers to connect Adobe Experience Platform with machine learning environments, like Databricks ML. Data scientists can directly access Adobe’s customer engagement and behavioral datasets within Databricks ML notebooks to train models and share machine learning insights into Adobe Experience Platform for downstream activation. The capability eliminates the need to manage integrations, significantly reduces friction, and enables brands to focus on machine learning-driven personalization with faster time to market.

Secure and privacy-centric data collaboration for advertising and measurement

With the impending end of third-party cookies and new privacy standards, marketers are turning their attention to building durable first-party data strategies and identifying partners to augment their first-party data assets for improved insights and personalization. Brands and publishers which partner together are looking for a secure, safe, and privacy-centric solution for digital advertising and media insights.

Adobe is excited to announce Real-Time CDP Collaboration, an agnostic and privacy-centric data collaboration application that enables advertisers and publishers to collaborate to power cookieless advertising and measurement in new and emerging channels. With workflows executed without directly sharing underlying customer data, Databricks customers will be able to use Real-Time CDP Collaboration to power their digital advertising and measurement in cookieless environments at scale.

Drive personalization via managed Databricks connectors in Adobe Experience Platform

Brands can unlock the value of data and AI and machine learning insights by enabling interoperability between systems like Adobe and Databricks. Seamless connectivity between the two systems allows brands to hyper-personalize in real time and improve the outcomes of enterprise workloads through better quality data captured as feedback from customer experiences. Adobe and Databricks are developing source and destination connectors that enable customers to onboard relevant first-party data and AI insights from Databricks to enrich Adobe Experience Platform’s real-time customer profiles and activate Adobe Experience Platform profiles and audiences back to Databricks for additional analysis or long-term retention. These prebuilt and managed connectors provide marketers with additional datasets for audience creation and personalization while making Adobe Experience Platform profiles and audiences more extensible for enterprise systems.

The above innovations enable brands to eliminate friction and accelerate their customer experience use cases when working across Databricks and Adobe. Adobe and Databricks are committed to helping customers drive growth efficiently.

“By joining forces with Adobe as the world’s leading digital experience platform, we could not be more excited to help our customers unlock the value of their data as they look to power the next generation of customer experiences. A longtime Databricks customer, we are thrilled to take our partnership with Adobe to the next level as our customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”
Steve Sobel, Global Industry Leader, Communications, Media and Entertainment

Reach out to your Adobe account team to learn more about getting started with the capabilities for your business.

Sam Garfield currently serves as the Director, Industry Strategy for Media and Entertainment at Adobe where he provides thought leadership and works with media companies on digital transformation efforts. In his previous role, he was the strategic lead responsible for setting the vision, strategy, and focus of AARP Service’s data infrastructure and analytics offering. Prior to that, Sam spent sixteen years at Discovery, Inc. focusing on financial systems, process improvement, and data analytics. Sam was the Vice President, Data Strategy and Advanced Audience Platforms, providing leadership on the data strategy and roadmap for Engage, Discovery's advanced TV product. He has a Bachelor and Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland