Adobe Enhances the GDPR User Interface

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, it was yet another transformational inflection point in the way organizations think about data. As you can imagine, staying up-to-date with new privacy regulations can come with a host of technical requirements – in fact, Gartner recently found that only 4 in 10 privacy executives feel confident in their organization’s ability to keep pace with new global privacy requirements.

To usher in Europe’s new privacy law last year, Adobe launched our GDPR service to help Adobe Experience Cloud customers meet those requirements. This new service is a continuation of our commitment to a privacy-by-design approach within our tools and services. Over the past year, the GDPR service has helped customers scale and streamline their responses to some of the law’s new enhanced rights that online users have when it comes to access and deletion of their data.

As we continue to support our customers on their privacy journeys to address GDPR and other emerging privacy requirements, we’re excited to launch user interface (UI) enhancements to this service. These enhancements provide customers with more actionable information around their user requests and facilitates even deeper coordination across various solutions in Experience Cloud.

What do the key updates entail?

Request metrics within a single dashboard

Our larger, enterprise Experience Cloud customers can often receive high volumes of access and delete requests per day. We wanted to make it easier for customers to act on these requests with the help of a new metrics dashboard, which provides visibility into submitted, errored and completed requests.

As privacy teams work to build out additional metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) into the effectiveness and health of their privacy programs, this dashboard will be key. The new UI dashboard also makes data more actionable, providing a snapshot view into critical trends and statuses – for instance, customers can now easily see and investigate and demonstrate trends in request patterns.

More accessible submission requests with the Request Builder

Many customers have both technical and non-technical users submitting GDPR requests. With this in mind, we’ve developed the UI to offer a request builder that assembles the required technical request information with only a few simple prompts, making the submission process more accessible and intuitive within an organization, at all levels.

Meanwhile, the more technical GDPR request file submission capability is still available for customers who prefer to continue using it.

Push notifications via Adobe I/O Events

The status of jobs submitted through the GDPR service were previously delivered via individual email notifications. Being sensitive to an overflowing inbox, we’ve moved away from emails and implemented a special Adobe I/O Events workflow into the Privacy UI to send notifications to the organization when a job is completed by a product or all product(s). Customers can continue to choose to receive these push notifications, however, they’ll be acted on through automation based on real-time event subscriptions in the Adobe I/O Console.

There are currently four types of messages that are supported:

Adobe I/O Events will help enable more seamless automation, troubleshooting and real-time notification for all GDPR traffic.

Adobe is committed to the genuine development of privacy tools and capabilities. As the global privacy arena expands so do the capabilities Adobe offers. With the emergence of other privacy requirements, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD), the GDPR UI is developing additional capability to help support customers as they fulfill their obligations related to the data they, collect, store and use in Adobe’s services. Adobe will be moving its existing GDPR services to help support these emerging requirements, as they apply to a customer’s use of our services, and these will be made available under the Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service.

We’re excited to continue giving you a better experience and the tools you need to stay GDPR ready. You can learn more about Adobe Experience Cloud – GDPR API here.