Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare reaches a new milestone

Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare reaches a new milestone

A year ago, Adobe committed to expanding Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare by making applications built on Adobe Experience Platform HIPAA-ready. Adobe has delivered on that promise.

This past May, we took a major step forward for Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform B2C Edition and B2P Edition (for consumer workflows) became HIPAA-ready for US companies subject to HIPAA. And in September and November respectively, we also made both Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics HIPAA-ready. These applications built on Adobe Experience Platform are revolutionizing how healthcare providers interact with their customers.

With Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare, healthcare providers can responsibly use both protected health information and non-PHI data to create a truly 360-degree understanding of their customers. And they can tap into behavioral and healthcare data to complete the picture of where each individual consumer is in their personal journey with a brand, whether they’re a payor, provider, life science organization, or pharmacy.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for healthcare providers to provide a seamless journey that spans digital and in-person channels — even multiple providers. The problem is that many healthcare organizations rely on siloed, channel-specific technology to deliver consumer experiences, which can lead to disconnected and frustrating journeys. In addition, these disparate systems rarely share the governance, security, and consumer privacy tools to streamline the consumer journey from data collection to audience activation.

Future-proof your healthcare technology with Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare

At Adobe, we know how difficult this can be — which is why we’ve worked so hard to release HIPAA-ready applications across Adobe Experience Cloud — to future-proof and enable brands to consolidate marketing stacks. Experience Cloud has expanded its capabilities to improve outcomes throughout the healthcare sector by helping medical organizations activate healthcare data, create new service offerings, and personalize patient, member, and provider experiences.

The following Experience Cloud applications are HIPAA-ready today through the Experience Platform and Healthcare Shield add-on:

These applications are also HIPAA-ready or will be soon:

(*Coming soon)

Healthcare is personal — the healthcare experience should be personal, too

Today’s healthcare consumers expect high-quality, personalized digital experiences delivered in real time. These experiences must respect their privacy, honor their preferences, and add value. Meeting these standards requires a technology solution that engages consumers with real-time digital experiences, empowering them to actively manage their health and wellness.

Healthcare is deeply personal. And in the digital-first world, providers must tailor experiences that meet their consumers’ individual needs. With HIPAA-ready applications, Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare is the data, content, and journey orchestration platform to do just that.

Adobe is committed to empowering healthcare enterprises to deliver superior ‘’consumer-grade” experiences through the secure activation of health and consumer data that powers real-time, omnichannel personalization across the healthcare journey.

Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare serves providers, payors, life science companies, and pharmacies

Healthcare organizations can use Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare to activate their data, create new service offerings, and personalize patient, member, and provider experiences. The ability to use healthcare data helps modernize their approach to satisfy digital experience demands. Experience Cloud for Healthcare unlocks new capabilities across the health and life sciences industries.

Using real-time updates to consumer data, providers can deliver meaningful engagement and improve outcomes through notifications, reminders, and recommendations personalized to an individual’s unique healthcare needs. Consumers can let their providers know their preferred channel for communications, such as appointment reminders or care management tips by text or email. Providers can then combine this preference data with other health data to provide consumers with a seamless and connected experience, leading to improved care and customer loyalty.

Actionable data and valuable insights streamline payors’ member management through automation, leading to healthier populations and reduced cost of care. A single view of member activities across channels — including claims, website visits, online chat, or phone support — gives payors a holistic view of their members and the care received. Payors will be able to provide personalized recommendations like in-network specialists when needed or a reminder to schedule a wellness exam, making payors a more active participant in their members’ healthcare management.

From accelerating trial recruitment and increasing retention to improving treatment adherence through connected care programs, the ability to activate real-world data can transform life sciences companies’ approaches to patient and healthcare professional engagement. Life sciences companies can safely use real-world healthcare data that can be used to identify patients for relevant trials, increasing trial participation. Once enrolled, life sciences companies can send trial participants reminders and information specific to their treatment, improving treatment adherence and participant outcomes.

Pharmacies can exceed patient expectations by unifying online and offline engagement across any channel, using automation to power personalized experiences like prescription reminders.

Start delivering connected healthcare journeys

Here are just a few key benefits Experience Cloud for Healthcare can bring to healthcare organizations:

When Adobe and Forrester surveyed more than 350 healthcare executives and practitioners, a full 35% said their organization’s healthcare experiences lagged behind customer expectations. Likewise, 90% recognized the need to react more quickly to patient demands. Now is the time for healthcare organizations to accelerate their digital transformation and start connecting their complex, multichannel care journeys — our health depends on it.

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