Adobe has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Suites, Q3 2022

Adobe has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Suites, Q3 2022

Adobe received the highest scores possible in 25 criteria, including data management platform (DMP), real-time interaction management, content and asset management, and many more.

Here are some of the things Forrester had to say about Adobe:

“Adobe is the ‘everything store’ of martech. Adobe is deep into a multi-year strategy and technology transformation to deliver on its vision for customer experience management. Adobe Experience Cloud offers insights, content, and engagement applications, all based on Adobe Experience Platform, that centralizes data and services throughout the product line. It’s a promising approach, notable for its modern architecture and broad digital engagement coverage.”

“Adobe’s greatest strength is its consistently strong offerings across insights, engagement, advertising, and content.”

“Reference clients appreciate Adobe’s functionality for delivering cohesive customer experiences and product and third-party integrations, and support the product roadmap.”

“Adobe’s EMS offering will appeal to enterprises with the scale, digital footprint, and sophisticated use cases to benefit from a platform tech approach that binds insights, content, and orchestration together.”

Forrester evaluated Adobe with the highest scores possible or tied for highest in every one of these criteria:

You can view the full report here.

It’s about our customers

It would be easy to dwell on kudos and recognition. But that’s not why we are in business. We do what we do because of our customers. We are truly committed to our vision of changing the world through digital experiences.

Our customers are on a journey that we understand because we’ve been through our own digital transformation. Our transformation was inspired by the need to realize business objectives through the delivery of compelling, connected customer experiences that had to exist across multiple channels and customer touchpoints. This need is proving universal for businesses of all types.

To survive and thrive in today’s digital economy, every business must accelerate its transformation to digital, which is now the primary medium to connect with customers. Customers expect engaging, personalized digital experiences delivered in real time, in a way that respects their privacy, their preferences, and that adds value. It’s harder than ever to meet that standard, and only brands that put a laser focus on customer experience management can come out in front.

Adobe has a clear and definitive vision to offer our customers:

Adobe Experience Cloudpowered by Adobe Experience Platform, helps enterprises transform themselves with the best of both worlds — the most comprehensive set of applications for data insights and audiences, content and commerce, customer journeys, and marketing workflow, all powered by an integrated, cloud-scale platform to help our customers deliver real-time personalization at scale.

The bottom line

Of course, none of that matters if it doesn’t drive business results. But the good news is that Adobe Experience Cloud delivers there as well. In a study that Adobe commissioned from Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe Experience Cloud for a set of customers across industries and geographies, we think the results speak for themselves. See the full study here.

A composite organization comprised of 10 interviewees investing in Adobe Experience Cloud saw significant ROI across a variety of metrics:

Today’s businesses are being forced to evolve in order to meet customer demand for excellent experiences. These experiences must be contextually aware and personalized as well as cohesive and connected across all touchpoints. To accomplish this, businesses must develop competency in customer experience management. This is rapidly becoming a universal mandate for companies the world over. And Adobe Experience Cloud, built on Adobe Experience Platform, is the leading customer experience management solution.

Here is your complimentary copy of the full report: The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Suites, Q3 2022.