Adobe introduces new application to enable personalized learning journeys for global brands

Adobe is announcing the general availability of Adobe Learning Manager, a cloud-based, digital learning application that helps enterprises roll out AI-driven personalized learning journeys to their customers, partners, and employees.

As the digital economy has evolved, individual expectations around personalized and tailored experiences have continued to rise. Organizations are now recognizing the need to infuse experience at the heart of all customer and employee interactions, yet they are still often burdened with siloed initiatives and technologies. This trend is driving the shift towards adopting experience-based solutions that cater to both internal and external stakeholders, in fitting with a business strategy Gartner coined as “total experience.”

With integrations into Adobe Experience Cloud applications such as Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Adobe Marketo Engage, and Adobe Commerce, Adobe Learning Manager is reshaping the “total experience” landscape by delivering a unified solution that drives personalized learning at scale.

Building learning portals on the fly

With Learning Manager and Experience Manager Sites, organizations can accelerate time to market for learning experiences by using low-code/no-code tools and drag-and-drop components to embed learning content and journeys into their web experience. This allows organizations to leverage the full front-end flexibility and customization of Experience Manager Sites while powering the core learning experience with Learning Manager. Additionally, organizations who want to monetize their training and certification programs by selling to their customers and partners can now easily do so with the new Adobe Commerce integration.

Bring marketing and learning data together

Customers need to be at the center of any marketing strategy. Customers prefer value-based communication over push advertising, and this has led to more widespread adoption of content marketing initiatives. But with multiple companies targeting the same prospective customer with a flood of content, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to engage customers.

Learning Manager provides that boost for marketing teams, enabling them to create hyper-personalized campaigns that share informational, training, and promotional content related to the topics customers are browsing on the learning portal. They can trigger additional campaigns to re-engage dormant users and nudge them to complete ongoing trainings or access new learning content.

Employee learning experience that is as good as customer experience

The great resignation has led to a vast majority of employees considering leaving their current jobs. However, brands can now counter this trend through a strong learning and development (L&D) practice. Adobe Learning Manager equips L&D teams to provide great learning experiences to their employees akin to the customer experiences delivered by modern apps, improving employee retention and satisfaction.

One tool for all enterprise learning needs

Businesses can use Learning Manager to create a variety of personalized learning experiences for customers, partners, employees. These include:

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