Adobe is a CMS Leader in The Forrester Wave™

Today, Forrester Research, an independent analyst firm, rated Adobe a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023. Adobe Experience Manager was one of 10 solutions evaluated across 26 criteria, grouped into three main categories: Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. Adobe is positioned highest for Current Offering, furthest to the right for Strategy, and received the highest possible score for Market Presence.

We believe this designation is a testament to our joint successes with our customers and partners, who continue to deliver highly impactful experiences that delight their audiences, employees, and partners.

Get your complimentary copy of the full report here: The Forrester Wave: Content Management Systems (CMS), Q3 2023.

We are particularly proud of receiving the highest score possible of 5 in the vision criterion. Our core vision is to build innovative solutions focused on delivering impactful experiences that drive business outcomes, while providing developers, marketing, and IT teams with the speed needed to meet market demands. And through our close collaboration with customers and partners, and our relentless drive for innovation, we believe Adobe will continue to be at the forefront of where the market is going.

“Adobe Experience Manager’s vision centers on personalization at scale, with new innovations in:

1) Front-end experience delivery (benchmarked at 2.5 seconds or below)

2) Content authoring capabilities through Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace

3) Instant personalization for modular content.”

– The Forrester Wave: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023

To execute on this vision, we’re focused on three key areas:

Let’s explore what we mean by each.

Achieving high-impact experiences

Anyone can deliver an experience, but what matters is how those experiences perform and impact key business metrics. That’s why we’re focused on going beyond just managing content. We want to amplify the influence of these experiences and give organizations tools to drive higher traffic, engagement, and conversion for immediate performance right out-of-the-box. With Adobe solutions, you get:

Combined with personalization, having faster experiences and constant optimization leads to effective, impactful experiences that directly benefit bottom lines.

Unlocking extreme content velocity

71% of decision-makers cited accelerating teams’ response to business and market changes as a top business priority in the next 12 months.

Source: Forrester Data and Analytics Survey 2022

Customer and market demands are changing as more devices come into play, with customers expecting highly personalized experiences across all touchpoints. Yet, organizations today still struggle with siloed teams and outdated processes – all the while facing heightened pressure to create more content than ever before to drive these highly personalized experiences.

We believe anyone and everyone should be empowered to create on-brand content, and the tools teams use should work for, not against them. It’s essential to supercharge your content engines and ensure that everyone — marketers, content authors, and developers — has the freedom to create and edit valuable on-brand experiences in their preferred tools. Adobe Experience Manager includes:

By meeting teams where they are and providing the familiar authoring tools of their choice, we’re unlocking massive content velocity so teams can work smarter, not harder.

“Adobe pushes the boundaries of content management and headless innovations. It is a go-to for businesses worldwide due to its native integrations across digital suites, massive partner ecosystem, and ongoing acquisitions and innovations in the digital experience market.”

The Forrester Wave: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023

Enabling rapid development

Every experience begins with content, but it’s imperative that these experiences reach customers at every touchpoint. This requires tools for developers to build and deliver experiences faster. That’s why we’re giving developers the most flexible and frictionless ways to rapidly develop and deliver experiences at lightning speed. With Adobe solutions, developers can:

We give both business teams, including developers, the freedom to use the tools, systems, and languages they’re already using, so they can focus on what matters – high-impact experiences delivered to customers at the right time and place.

“Adobe is a good fit for large enterprises looking for a full-featured and innovative CMS that natively integrates with Creative Cloud, and it targets breaking down silos between creatives, business teams, and developers.”

– The Forrester Wave: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023

We continue to be deeply honored to help many of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking brands of all sizes deliver impactful experiences at scale.

Get your complimentary copy of the full report, The Forrester Wave: Content Management Systems (CMS), Q3 2023, or contact us for more information.