AI and Data: Humanizing Experiences with Adobe Experience Platform

Regardless of brand, customer experience has taken center stage in recent years. High consumer expectations, coupled with the growing amount of content creation and delivery options, makes understanding the full customer journey a challenge. It’s clear that delivering personalized experiences in real-time is the key to brand loyalty, but often those cultivated experiences are being driven by static and one-sided technologies.

As the past decade has given way to an explosion of data across every organization, existing technologies have been forced to work fast, and weren’t built for continuous insight and intelligence. Data scientists are not always using their time in the most effective way; many estimate that they spend 80% of their time on the tedious task of cleaning and organizing the data: making sense of the many different siloed data streams, identifying the relevant data sets and managing data governance. Pairing this with processes simply not designed to act immediately, the act of delivering real-time personalization at scale has become a burden for many brands.

Adobe Experience Platform, the industry’s first open platform for customer experience management (CXM) to accelerate business transformation that went live earlier this year, helps equip brands with the tools to humanize data. Experience Platform Query Service and Data Science Workspace, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology, are now live in Adobe Experience Platform to enable brands to perform advanced analysis in real-time, and to fully understand customer behavior and deliver impactful digital experiences.

Adobe Experience Platform Query Service

Beneath every data point is a piece of a great story, but in order to tell that full story, the right questions need to be asked. Enter Query Service.

In a day-to-day filled with challenging tasks, one of the most daunting obstacles is the ability to answer pressing questions in real-time. While massive amounts of data are a blessing for any brand, without an easy way to interact with the data and ask the right questions, it’s difficult to take any action. Historically, when someone had a data-related question that needed an immediate answer, brands would struggle with combing through siloed datasets – a time consuming process that compromises the ability to obtain the answer in real-time.

With Query Service in Adobe Experience Platform, analysts and data scientists can now pull all of their datasets stored in Experience Platform’s cloud data lake to answer specific cross-channel and cross-platform questions, faster than ever before. This includes behavioral data, as well as point-of-sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM) and more. Data scientists and analysts can spend less time getting data ready, and instead focus on analysis. As consumers today expect personalized experiences regardless of device, Query Service enables brands to obtain a clear view of all the data coming in across each channel to drive insights.

Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace

The number of information sources streaming into any successful brand today can be overwhelming. While it’s a challenge to gather the data in a digestible way, one of the most difficult elements for any data scientist is to turn those insights into actions. Every piece of data tells a crucial part of the story, and when that data doesn’t deliver, it’s likely being used in the wrong way.

Data scientists can streamline their entire data science workflow, from gathering data to authoring models to deploying intelligent services in Adobe Experience Platform. Through the automation of mundane and repetitive tasks, coupled with understanding and predicting customer data, Data Science Workspace leverages AI to provide real-time intelligence.

Data scientists can take advantage of this new AI that fuels deeper data discovery: by using Adobe Sensei pre-built models, bringing their existing models or creating custom models from scratch in Experience Platform. For the former, data scientists can leverage sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to develop, train and tune machine learning models that solve common business challenges, such as understanding correlation and causation, or calculating the propensity for consumers to buy specific products. Separately, data scientists can create custom models that are tailored to their brand’s needs. Brands can automatically pull key insights and predictions from these models, and across Adobe Experience Cloud, to deliver more personalized and targeted digital experiences for customers across touchpoints.

The next level of CXM will require brands to deliver consistent, relevant experiences at speed and scale. While daunting for many, brands are looking to Adobe Experience Platform to drive personalization in real-time, and power the creativity, workflow and digital marketing behind each interaction.

Query Service and Data Science Workspace together are an integral part of Adobe Experience Platform, driving continuous insights and intelligence that enhance real-time customer experiences. By sharing a common infrastructure on top of any data across the enterprise, including Experience Cloud data that is natively transformed into standard Experience Data Models, Query Service and Data Science Workspace help empower business analysts and data scientists to accelerate time to value and focus on optimizing experiences, and in turn business impact.