B2B innovations more deeply connect marketing and sales to deliver personalized customer experiences

In a world where customers have access to endless amounts of information and are more self-directed, personalized experiences do more than break through the noise – they simplify long, complex buying journeys for the end customer and make marketing and sales teams more efficient. This is ultimately why personalized experiences have become a key B2B buying criteria and why they drive business growth.

For B2B businesses to design and deliver tailored, contextually relevant experiences at scale, they need a complete and actionable view of every customer, the ability to deliver personalized messaging through content, or conversations, at every interaction and tight coordination between marketing and sales teams, who are often engaging accounts at the same time.

At today’s Adobe Summit, we are announcing new innovations to help B2B businesses connect with their customers in personal ways through content and conversations.

Business changing insights

Data is the foundation of every personalized experience. In B2B, that means having a complete picture of the customer – each person in a buying team and the entire context of an account – to tailor customer content or experiences and be able to predict every interaction’s impact on pipeline and revenue.

Last year, we introduced Adobe Real-time CDP, B2B Edition, to help go-to-market teams unify people and account profiles from across systems to drive more consistent and personalized customer experiences. An integration with Real-Time CDP with Adobe Marketo Engage gives B2B businesses the ability to centralize customer activity across multiple Marketo Engage instances and can now activate more complete audiences in Marketo Engage by creating missing leads or contacts.

To give B2B marketing teams the insight they need on the impact of every customer interaction on pipeline and revenue, we’re announcing Adobe Marketo Measure . Marketo Measure combines the complete, centralized customer data within Adobe Real-Time CDP, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, with Adobe’s market-leading B2B attribution capabilities, formerly known as Bizible. By bringing the two together, marketing teams can accurately assess how specific channels (website, social media, or paid ads) and campaigns perform and make necessary shifts in budgets or channels to maximize marketing impact and ROI. For example, a B2B business investing in paid media across ad networks, event sponsorships, in-person and virtual field events, direct mail, and a variety of digital marketing channels can understand how the ROI of the higher-priced efforts compare to the ROI of the less expensive ones and shift spend accordingly.

Marketo Measure gives B2B marketers up-to-date visibility into the drivers of pipeline and revenue, down to an individual piece of content or creative, and with a variety of pre-configured, custom and AI-powered attribution models, so marketing leaders get incredibly precise insights when they need them for monthly, quarterly and annual planning, not days or weeks later. Plus, everyone on the marketing team can make better data-driven decisions day-to-day for their individual areas. Check out the Adobe Marketo Measure blog post to learn more.

Making conversations personal

To give customers the tailored experiences they value, brands need to create a large amount of content across multiple channels. But a personalized experience is as much about conversations as it is content. To give website visitors the tailored and interactive experience they expect, Adobe is announcing Dynamic Chat for Marketo Engage. Available now, Dynamic Chat enables brands to build vital connections when customers are ready. Site visitors can book a meeting with sales via chat technology, simplifying and accelerating the buyer journey. Marketing teams can easily deploy the right chat based on detailed lead and account attributes to fully integrate chat into their cross-channel lead or account-based strategies. Marketers can also quickly understand how many conversations have occurred, interaction rates, conversation completion rates and sales meetings booked.

To streamline cross-channel engagement beyond Marketo Engage, brands and partners can now create custom API-based campaign and workflow actions that marketing practitioners can access in the UI and use in the campaign creation process. With Self-service Flow Steps, Marketo Engage’s campaign framework is now open to its extensive ecosystem of customers and partners to simplify cross-channel campaign creation and execution when 3rd party integrations are involved. For brands, it’s now easier to leverage Marketo Engage at the center of their demand marketing stack to orchestrate B2B customer journeys.

Marketing and sales coordination

To successfully drive the customer experiences that result in business growth, marketing and sales teams need to be aligned on the best accounts and have seamless coordination when engaging them. Adobe is announcing new innovations to help these teams move and act as one. Predictive Lead and Account Scoring, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, helps marketers focus resources and efforts on the right prospects. Predictive Lead and Account Scoring uses artificial intelligence, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI framework, to predict how likely a potential person or account is to purchase a product or service based on how their attributes and engagement, such as site interactions, forms fills and more, mirrors past buyers.

The coordination between the two teams is critical when they’re both engaging the same accounts. With Sales Insight for Marketo Engage, sales reps can see a prioritized list of the leads and accounts that are most likely to close. And now, Sales Insight – Actions gives them multi-step engagement tools and content right inside the customer relationship management (CRM) solution for a complete workflow without the need to toggle between multiple applications. With a single system for customer activity across teams, marketers can automatically start and stop campaigns based on sales engagement, and sales teams can see all the activity from sales development and marketing efforts for their accounts together in a single view in Sales Insight. The result is more consistent and personalized, experiences for customers, more effective sales teams and higher marketing ROI.

Personalized physician engagement

B2B sales motions happen across many industries including life sciences. To help pharmaceutical companies make their engagements with healthcare professionals (HCPs) more effective, Adobe is announcing a new integration with the global leader in cloud software for the life sciences industry, Veeva Systems. Committed to customer success, innovation, and product excellence, Veeva serves as a trusted partner to the world's largest biopharmas, as well as emerging biotechs. The native connector between Marketo Engage and Veeva CRM will provide a continuous sync of HCP customer data - improving engagement by making communications more timely and relevant.

These innovations are a reflection of Adobe’s commitment to B2B marketing leadership, and we’re excited to bring them to you at Adobe Summit this year. We’re entering a new era of B2B customer experience, and I hope you share my excitement for the next generation of technology that helps you bring together and act on your customer data, automate AI-powered customer journeys and understand the business impact of all of your marketing efforts. Let’s make the digital economy personal, together.

To learn more about Adobe’s latest B2B capabilities, join us at Summit for the Innovation Super Session on B2B Customer Journeys or any of the 35 B2B sessions here.