Bizible is now Adobe Marketo Measure

Just over 10 years ago, the founders of Bizible saw an opportunity to be heroes. B2B marketers were struggling to attribute pipeline, revenue, and ROI to their work. As such, they were under pressure to defend their budgets. They were flying blind regarding which channels, content, and campaigns were delivering business results, not just clicks and leads. Bizible was created to tackle these challenges head-on.

Within a few years, Bizible had become a hit. They were growing rapidly and were named a Gartner Cool Vendor — a powerful recognition of their innovation and the product’s potential business impact. Marketo and Bizible became a popular B2B martech pairing for marketing ops, demand gen, and other growth-minded teams. Together, Marketo and Bizible enabled engagement and measurement at scale using best-in-class automation.

In 2018, Marketo acquired Bizible, just before Marketo itself was acquired by Adobe. Since then, Adobe has invested heavily in both products, built a native integration between them, and introduced an ever-expanding list of integrations with other applications. Today, the popularity of the Marketo and Bizible pair has only grown. This powerful pair continues to shape the world of B2B marketing.

A Dynamic duo of revenue growth

With Marketo now renamed Adobe Marketo Engage, it’s time to give Bizible a fresh new name too. In acknowledgement of its close relationship with Adobe Marketo Engage, Bizible is now Adobe Marketo Measure. Engagement and measurement. It’s a winning combination for B2B marketers.

While Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure enjoy a close relationship, Marketing Measure continues to calculate performance across all marketing and sales channels, not only those specific to marketing automation campaigns. Marketo Measure still works with any B2B marketing automation platform, not just Marketo Engage.

Meanwhile, Marketo Engage continues to come loaded with a rich, best-in-class set of analytics and reporting capabilities. We would only expect those mid-market and enterprise marketers who are really ready to raise their attribution game to step up to a specialized performance measurement application like Marketo Measure. The thousands of marketers using Marketo Measure today are truly on the leading edge of not just driving compelling engagement, but doing so through data-driven, revenue-driven, ROI-driven planning.

“Making Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure the crown jewels of our martech stack has empowered our teams to make the best decisions to evolve our business and connect with customers. With the incredible versatility of Marketo Engage and the dynamic analytical capabilities of Marketo Measure, we’ve been able to align our data and strategy to improve the customer experience, the partnership between marketing and sales, and ultimately drive more revenue.”   Jessica Kao, Senior Director of Demand Operations, F5

B2B marketers don’t need to struggle with attribution

Until we develop telepathy to read buyers’ minds, modern revenue attribution is the best approach to understanding what channels, content, and campaigns are influencing and driving purchases — all at scale. Unfortunately, many B2B marketing organizations have struggled with attribution. Their difficulty often stems from a lack of completeness or a lack of automation.

An incomplete view of the buyer journey results in inaccurate insights, which lack value and credibility. This happens when marketers are using only single touch attribution, or their multitouch reporting does not capture every relevant channel. Without the backing of complete data, marketing teams’ claims of created or influenced pipeline can cause more harm than good. That said, doing this right isn’t easy without technology. Capturing and stitching together complete buyer touchpoint data is more difficult to do in B2B for many reasons, including multistage buying cycles, a shared go-to-market with sales, and B2B’s data model complexity.

A lack of automation can be just as damaging — if not more. Too many marketing leaders and analysts attempt to build their own attribution reporting process atop a spreadsheet, BI tool, or more generalized analytics app because they’re not aware that a proven, off-the-shelf B2B attribution solution like Marketo Measure exists. These homegrown processes most often collapse under the weight of complexity, manual effort, staff turnover, and maintenance requirements — as well as the fact that it’s far too easy for marketing teams to be pulled in other directions, leaving their measurement efforts to spoil.

Where single touch attribution, incomplete multitouch approaches, B2C-centric solutions, and DIY projects fail, Marketo Measure excels. It’s the only solution to deliver both completeness (something we call Everytouch attribution) and end-to-end automation. In fact, planned Marketo Measure enhancements give marketers even more reason to ditch their current approach and invest in automating measurement, just as they have already done to automate customer engagement.

Introducing Adobe Marketo Measure Ultimate

We are announcing Marketo Measure Ultimate. This new offering is planned for summer availability. It builds on the strengths we just outlined, but it’s specifically designed to harness the data collection and centralization power of Adobe Experience Platform. This will unlock newfound capabilities and value such as:

Marketo Measure Ultimate will even include direct access to its underlying data warehouse — something only available as an add-on to existing offerings. Through this access, our customers will be able to explore touchpoint and attribution data at their finest level of detail. From there, teams can use their preferred data visualization tools and provided BI report templates to do custom analysis and reporting beyond the broad range of configurable role-based and topic-based dashboards already provided.

Looking forward

Effective attribution doesn’t just drive growth and build a bridge with sales. It transforms the careers of marketing leaders. It's the fullest expression of data-driven marketing because the data (pipeline, revenue, and ROI) enable marketers to speak the language of business. It puts you in the driver’s seat.

Upcoming Adobe research (to be published later this year) shows that the demand for better attribution could not be stronger. Out of more than 600 B2B marketing leaders, 86% said that implementing or improving attribution was a 2022 priority. Among organizations identified as Leaders, that number was 100%.

With budget pressures, shifting buyer preferences, and the dynamic market we’re in today, strong interest in attribution is no surprise. Or maybe we’ve just come to a time when more B2B marketers are comfortable enough driving cross-channel engagement that they are ready to take the next big step — joining today’s Marketo Measure customers in finally being able to prove their business impact. And, more importantly, they can now have the end-to-end performance visibility they need to optimize every funnel stage and marketing investment.

In the end, it’s our customers who are the heroes. They’re showing the world what’s possible in the realms of both lead-based and account-based strategies. As Marketo Measure adoption continues to grow quickly among progressive marketing organizations, here’s to the next decade raising the bar together in B2B marketing.