Capture the value of personalization with the latest updates to Adobe Commerce

Customers disappointed by their digital commerce interactions are increasingly turning to brands that treat them in a personal manner. In a recent Adobe research study on summer spending, more than half (67%) of respondents say that, when shopping in store or online, they would like to receive personalized promotions or offers based on their spending habits.

Personalization can come in many forms — from serving up individualized recommendations or search results to tailoring the commerce experience for consumers versus business buyers. Personalization efforts pay off. A study from Forbes found that two in five executives surveyed report that their customer personalization efforts have had a direct impact on maximizing sales, basket size, and profits in direct-to-consumer channels. This is why we’re excited to announce the latest updates to Adobe Commerce that will help you start to experience these benefits of personalization and more.

Activate data to power personalized experiences

Commerce site behaviors and events, like products viewed, items added to the cart, and customer logins, are some of the most valuable data a company can tap into for personalization. Now, Adobe Commerce customers can easily share these storefront browser events with Adobe Experience Platform and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to build rich customer profiles and personalize marketing campaigns and commerce experiences. Users can analyze this data for deeper customer, campaign, and product insights to accelerate business growth. Future releases will enable customers to share server-side transaction events (like orders placed, shipped, or returned), share catalog data, and use Experience Platform segments to target promotional offers in Adobe Commerce. Read more on how Adobe Commerce data powers personalized experiences.

Site search is a critical capability in digital commerce, used by up to one-third of site visitors. Using machine learning powered by Adobe Sensei to personalize the search experience, Live Search has provided significant value to many of our customers, including increasing conversion rates by 15% after implementation.

As of today, Live Search supports B2B pricing and customer groups in Adobe Commerce 2.4 and above, allowing B2B merchants to access the superior search and merchandising tools it provides. Live Search now reflects shared catalogs and customer groups, so the buyer only sees products that are available to them in their catalog, and the results display their unique pricing.

We are excited to bring the value of Live Search to businesses with B2B commerce use cases. Customers benefit from a richer feature set when compared to native Elastic Search capabilities and the potential to eliminate licensing and integration costs for third-party search solutions. Live Search is delivered as an independent SaaS service that is continually updated with new, innovative features without requiring core code updates. It is API-first and built for headless commerce use cases.

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Quick Checkout gives your customers a stress-free checkout experience without lengthy implementation

Personalization also means treating your visitors like customers — not strangers. You can now deliver on that approach with Quick Checkout, available in the Commerce Marketplace. Built by Adobe and powered by Bolt’s vast network, shoppers will breeze through a mobile-friendly, passwordless checkout experience. After using an easy and secure one-time password to log in, shoppers will see their shipping and payment information as soon as they check out, allowing them to complete their purchases in as little as one click. By providing a streamlined checkout, historical Bolt account shoppers are 50% more likely to complete checkout, while 67% are more likely to return and make a repeat purchase than guest shoppers.

Quick Checkout integrates with the native Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source checkout, as well as numerous payment providers, so you can get a higher converting checkout without disrupting your existing implementation. This extension is available for US-based customers on versions 2.4.1+. Quick Checkout is now available on the Commerce Marketplace, and merchants can sign up for access to Quick Checkout.

Give customers more choice in payment options with Apple Pay

More consumers are opting for alternative payment methods, with nearly all consumers (82%) wanting the option to choose how they pay for the goods they purchase online. Now, Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source merchants using Payment Services will have the option to offer Apple Pay to shoppers. This will facilitate a secure and quick checkout experience without ever requiring their customers to input their credit or debit card details. Apple Pay will be available on the product details page, mini cart, cart, and checkout. Merchants will be able to toggle Apple Pay on or off in the Adobe Commerce the Adobe Commerce admin.

Scale and deliver on customer expectations with Adobe Commerce 2.4.5

In addition to the new capabilities this release already mentioned, we’re also releasing the latest update to our platform — Adobe Commerce 2.4.5. In this version, you will find several enhancements to platform performance, scale, quality, and security. Highlights of this version of Adobe Commerce include:

Additionally, to assist in the update to Adobe Commerce 2.4.5, the Upgrade Compatibility Tool includes several new validations that help identify additional incompatibilities between versions. Users will also receive recommendations on how to resolve issues. These improvements make the upgrade analysis process faster and easier than ever before.

For more details on what’s in this version of Adobe Commerce, visit our release notes.