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Enhance your Adobe Summit experience with an industry-specific journey

No two Adobe Summit journeys are the same — and we like it that way. Knowing every attendee comes to Summit with unique questions, insights, skills, and career goals, we built a catalog of sessions with robust offerings for all experience levels and interests. Our goal is to provide you with information you need right now and enable you to explore some of your passion points — products or skills you want to learn about or other ways to dive in and build your expertise.

This year, in addition to the function-specific breakouts and training workshops, we’re offering content tailored to several industries. And we’ve curated industry-specific journeys to help you quickly design a hyper-relevant Summit experience.

Each curated journey spans multiple tracks and themes, ensuring a robust experience that includes some of the most sought-after sessions, speakers, and training workshops.

“Every industry has unique challenges,” said Jennifer Garcia, global events marketing manager at Adobe. “By providing these recommended industry-specific journeys at Adobe Summit, we’re making it easy for people to connect with the content and learnings that address those real-time issues.”

By following the travel and hospitality journey, for example, Summit attendees will focus on strategies for earning customer loyalty through hyper-personalized experiences — all powered by real-time insights and activations. For those seeking travel- and hospitality-specific experiences, the curated journey includes sessions and workshops aimed at driving loyalty through hyper-personalized experiences powered by real-time insights and activation.

Curated journeys are available for these eight industries:

Diving into hands-on training workshops

In addition to recommended sessions and featured speakers, industry-specific journeys will include call-outs to targeted training workshops. Led by Adobe product leaders and insiders, these one-to-two-hour workshops offer deep dives into the more technical aspects of Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Workfront, and Adobe Marketo Engage solutions.

Designed to build actionable knowledge and expertise, training workshops will emphasize current challenges, empowering participants to take what they learn and immediately apply it to their jobs. While the list of topics continues to grow, here are a few examples:

“We’re eager to introduce and reintroduce some of our latest products, solutions, and features with enterprise users,” Jennifer says. “Whether you’re just learning the ropes or are an experienced user, you’ll be able to find relevant training workshops tied to your goals and your journey.”

Curated journeys make it easy to plan a best-fit Summit experience with content you won’t find anywhere else — including targeted industry sessions and relevant training workshops, plus the broader-reaching keynotes, Sneaks, live Q&As with Adobe experts, Innovation Super Sessions, and luminary speakers.

It all starts when you register for Adobe Summit now — for free — then navigate to the “Industry sessions” page. You’ll find industry-specific journeys and links to recommended sessions, workshops, and so much more.

Register now and start planning your Adobe Summit experience.