Forrester Names Adobe a Leader in Digital Intelligence Platforms

One comment we hear time and time again from our customers is that while they have a great deal of data, they still struggle to know how to use it to improve and personalize the customer experience.

Indeed, companies know that to deliver ideal experiences, they need ideal solutions. Over the years, Adobe has built a legacy of delivering innovative, market-leading solutions that help brands drive their digital experience forward. Today, that legacy was, in our opinion, further validated as independent research firm Forrester Research named Adobe a Leader in digital intelligence platforms.

According to “The Forrester Wave_™_: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2019,” Adobe was one of nine vendors evaluated across 23 criteria, grouped into three main categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence.

The Forrester report states that Adobe’s digital intelligence platform offering, which includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Platform Launch, delivers “best-of-breed capabilities for data, analytics, and experience optimization while simultaneously balancing this off with a platform offering that integrates all capabilities… Adobe’s offering is ideal for marketing and product teams within large enterprises with mature digital intelligence practices — particularly within the media, retail, and financial services sectors.”

What is a digital intelligence platform?

According to the Forrester report, insights-driven companies create a competitive advantage by managing and acting on digital customer data, analytics, and experience delivery, which the firm calls “digital intelligence.”

Brands are “increasingly relying on digital intelligence technology platforms that integrate the breadth of data, analytics, and experience optimization capabilities they need.” Based on these digital intelligence needs, Forrester says companies should look for a solution that delivers modern, real-time engagement data management, an array of engagement analytics beyond those of traditional digital marketing, and optimization techniques informed by data, analytics, and machine learning.

Current offering criteria for digital intelligence platform vendors

The current offering criteria for the digital intelligence platforms evaluation consists of the following six key capabilities:

How we earned Forrester’s status as a Leader

In this evaluation of digital intelligence platform vendors, nine vendors were given a series of scores based on their abilities to integrate and deliver customer value across 23 evaluation criteria. Ultimately, these scores graded the strengths of their current offerings, the strengths of their strategies, and their market presences.

In the end, Adobe received the highest scores possible in 15 criteria, including customer journey analytics, digital experience optimization, tag management, mobile app analytics, behavioral targeting, AI/machine learning, online testing, recommendations, and technology integrations — a testament, we believe, to the robust digital intelligence capabilities that Adobe Experience Cloud solutions provide.

In conclusion

We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and see it as further validation of our strategy — to enable our customers to become experience businesses with the help of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Platform. We have long maintained that data without intelligence is merely history — but data with intelligence is the fuel that drives excellent customer experiences.

To learn more, download the full report, The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2019.