Forrester research names Adobe a Leader in digital intelligence platforms

“Adobe boasts a differentiated, highly integrated platform.”

- The Forrester Wave™: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2022

In my role at Adobe, I have the privilege of working with some of the most valued brands in the world. Over the past few months, a major theme has come up in conversation regarding their customer engagement initiatives — brands are seeking significant efficiency and effectiveness gains from their customer experience (CX) technology stack to fuel more relevant and responsible experience design.

Why? There is virtually universal agreement that in 2023, budgets will be lower and competing for share of wallet and incremental consumer spending is going to be more difficult. However, brands that win on experience demonstrate large deltas of value against the competition that will elevate them from a commodity or undifferentiated status to one of premium value that customers are more than willing to pay for.

A recent Forrester report titled “The State Of The Insights-Driven Business, 2022” indicates that, “Forrester’s 2021 data shows that advanced IDBs [insights-driven businesses] are eight times more likely to say they grew by 20% or more than beginner firms. They do this by making the most of AI initiatives and maximizing the value of their data assets.” One example outlined in the Forrester report of how these firms leverage their insights expertise is to, “Deepen existing customer relationships. Sophisticated analytics can help firms serve their customers better by identifying next best experiences, anticipating customer needs, and predicting churn. By deepening their relationship with customers, firms can grow customer lifetime value.”

This means that digital intelligence is imperative to delivering compelling experiences everywhere.

Today, I’m proud to announce that Forrester Research named Adobe a Leader in digital intelligence platforms in its report, The Forrester Wave™: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2022.

Digital Intelligence is imperative for success

The key to successful digital intelligence is having a full stack of integrated functionality for data collection, analytics, personalization, and activation across multiple digital channels, with centers of excellence (CoE) designed to support this combined scope. What makes Adobe unique is not just integrations across various functionality categories, but native connectivity and shared, composable services from our organic and purpose-built Adobe Experience Platform into the applications.

The Forrester report says of Adobe Experience Platform: “Powered by a layer of shared services including AI/ML, privacy and governance, real-time profiling, it’s the foundation that natively connects all the Adobe Experience Cloud applications.” The report further states that “The recent Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Target integration elevates experience optimization, with advanced digital analytics supported by flexible metric and segments calculation.”

The acceleration of digital disruption and digital channel adoption necessitates that brands expand their digital intelligence capabilities. We believe that Adobe’s position as a leader is reflected in categories that will provide differentiated value for brands into 2023 and beyond, such as cross-channel support, AI/ML, and data privacy for respected, first-party consumer relationships.

“Digital intelligence is imperative to delivering compelling experiences everywhere.”

In its Adobe vendor profile, Forrester says of Adobe’s offering that, “A single welcome page to access all the products, and a coherent UX/UI across them, ensures a good platform experience.” We believe that it’s easy to see why Forrester concludes that “Adobe boasts a differentiated, highly integrated platform.” Our streamlined and purpose-built architecture takes a tangled web of one-to-one integrations to a centralized and unified technology layer.

Adobe delivers continuous innovation in digital intelligence

In the Forrester report, Adobe received the highest score of all participating vendors in the current offering category. Adobe also achieved the highest scores possible in 20 of the evaluation criteria, including a number of criteria our customers value most — such as four of the digital analytics technology criteria (mobile application analytics, web analytics, predictive analytics, and Internet-of-things analytics), all three of the experience optimization criteria (behavioral targeting, recommendations, and online testing), digital intelligence platform overall experience, technology integrations, and partner ecosystem, to name just a few. In fact, Forrester calls out that, “customer references praised Adobe’s scalability and power to help them achieve goals across complex use cases.”

Of Adobe, Forrester states: “The company is customer-centric, involving prospects and customers in the prioritization of new products and features. Adobe’s 40-year history shows tangible commitment to innovation, with R&D in data, content, AI/ML, human-computer interaction, NLP, and more.” Forrester adds that, “Adobe continues to innovate in AI with, for example, Attribution IQ and Segment IQ to help digital analysis, or automated personalization that automatically selects the best content/offering for customers and builds a model for each option.”

More personalized than ever before

We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and see it as further validation of our strategic vision — to enable our customers to become next-generation experience businesses.

I invite you to consider the imperative to leverage digital intelligence to build the most precise and actionable customer profiles you’ve ever had and then help your teams continuously use insights from each interaction to craft more compelling personalized customer interactions than ever before.

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