Adobe named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022

Today, Forrester Research, an independent analyst firm, rated Adobe a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022.

We believe this recognition validates not only the unique value proposition that Adobe is pioneering in omnichannel analytics with Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, but also Adobe’s strategy of enabling brands to build exceptional customer experiences (CX) at scale with a modern platform-plus-applications model that can solve the problems of disparate data and disconnected customer journeys.

Most importantly, we believe being rated a Leader reflects the success of our customers who, with the help of our technology, can unlock outsized value from their data and derive detailed customer intelligence in real time that can be activated contextually and responsibly.

Customer expectations are not being met

The challenges for brands trying to discover and deliver actionable customer insights are real. With disconnected data silos, lack of data discovery capabilities, and limited ways to access, communicate, and action on insights, most organizations are unable to focus on creating better CX.

It seems that one of the most common approaches to omnichannel analysis — putting all your data in a data lake and then probing it for insights with SQL queries and BI visualizations — is no longer getting the job done. It costs too much, takes too long, and, perhaps most importantly, it often rules out the vast majority of the people who need the insights simply because they’ve never learned to do an 18-way table join with 182-line hand-coded SQL statements.

Unfortunately, for many brands this means that the window of opportunity closes before they can delight customers with relevant and compelling experiences.

A new way

Adobe has pioneered a new way to do omnichannel analysis, receiving the highest score of all participating vendors in the strategy category with the highest scores possible in the product vision, performance, market approach, and supporting products and services criteria. Our differentiation is the ability to provide self-service omnichannel insights in a matter of minutes — not weeks or months — to anyone responsible for CX.

“Adobe succeeds at its analytics platform play. Adobe’s strengths in its current offering continue to be its ability to integrate seamlessly with marketing and operational systems, as well as its business-user-friendly interface.”

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022

Unlike other vendors, Adobe embarked on a multiyear journey to build a native, purpose-built platform for CX — Adobe Experience Platform. This platform has completely reshaped the way that business users, data scientists, analysts, and executives tap into CX data. The broader value proposition of Adobe Experience Platform — plus applications like Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and more — means seamless insight to actionability. Natively combining Adobe Customer Journey Analytics across the Adobe digital experience portfolio enables organizations to use unique insights to activate and optimize engagement across the customer journey, fueling contextual approaches to acquisition, retention, cross-sell/upsell, and personalized marketing campaigns — all at scale.

With the right foundation in place, Adobe is accelerating product innovation at unprecedented levels. For instance, Customer Journey Analytics is purpose-built for continuous customer analysis to unlock insights at a person-level — no SQL or IT queue necessary. The data is standardized, stitched, correlated, and compliant with the highest privacy standards. With an intuitive and collaborative interface, Customer Journey Analytics enables organizations to empower brands to visualize the customer journey in full context across all data channels, which enables them to influence the micro moments that constitute great CX experiences.

“The question since the previous version of this Forrester Wave has been whether Adobe could entice buyers to migrate to Customer Journey Analytics, which offers additional functionality beyond Adobe Analytics and is built on [Adobe Experience Platform]. The verdict is in, and the answer is yes. Customer Journey Analytics is growing at startup rates.”

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022

The bottom line

The drive to increase data-driven decision-making is nearly universal across our customer base — many brands have told us they need more people making more business decisions with data-backed insights to competitively drive business results. Here are a few examples of how Adobe customers are benefiting from investing in omnichannel customer intelligence:

Your customers expect a frictionless experience and hyper-personalized content at the exact moment they need it. To deliver on these expectations and improve CX, you must have a clear grasp of the entire customer journey and can deliver optimized experiences based on key audience insights. And Adobe is leading the way by helping brands to do exactly that.

“Companies with a large digital footprint who wish to deliver the next best experience to customers should consider Adobe.”

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022

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