Hey Sellers — Your Customers Are #WorkingPoolside Today

This article was originally published by E-Commerce Times.

Your new salespeople have very specific expectations of how their workday should flow. These 20-somethings want to sign a contract poolside, then post about it on Instagram — #workingpoolside, anyone? They want to approve a purchase order on the go as they head to post-work Pilates (and pizza). They want zero bumps in the road as they go from meeting to mixer. For them, stopping to hit “print” just isn’t in the cards.

Granted, these diverse early career professionals know that’s not going to be their every day. However, they want the option. That’s because increasingly your customers are Generation Z and young Millennials — a small but mighty cohort that, despite barely being out of school, already accounts for US$29 to $143 billion in direct spending.

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