How Performance Health Adapted to Exceed Their B2B Customers’ Expectations

Performance Health is a leader in consumer healthcare and the largest global manufacturer and distributor of products to the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. The company’s products are sold to healthcare facilities and practitioners including physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors. They even sell direct-to-consumer. Performance Health’s market-leading brands, which are sold in over 100 countries, include Biofreeze®, TheraBand®, TheraPearl®, Cramer®, Sammons Preston® and Rolyan®. The company is headquartered in Chicago with significant operations both in the US and abroad.

Previously, Performance Health was using a home-grown commerce platform that was holding them back. Their customers are professional purchasers and “power B2B users” who manage thousands of ship-to addresses, sprawling requisition lists and hundreds of different employees buying for the same company online. Performance Health decided to move to Magento Commerce 2, as the platform boasts many state-of-the-art B2B capabilities, and is so flexible they could create custom solutions to address their problems. “We felt we could accomplish all our goals on a platform that allowed Performance Health to evolve and adapt faster than our competitors while exceeding our customers’ expectations,” said Kristin Greenwell, eCommerce Director for Performance Health.

Inspired by customers

Performance Health implemented Magento Commerce 2 in April of 2017, and immediately began customizing the eCommerce platform for their customers’ needs and expectations. Together with their solution partner, Crimson Agility, they easily integrated their existing backend systems: NetSuite, OnBase, Avatax, and CertCapture. Then they started to customize the user experience to their customers’ demands.

A high-performance, cacheable mega menu loads hundreds of nodes instantaneously, allowing users to easily search through multiple categories from wound care, to clinical equipment, and orthopedic supplies. Klevu Search Enhancement helps the customer find configurable products. It will also return products with pre-selected options for attributes like size or color, if those details were part of the original search. Meanwhile the customer can set a view preference for Product Description Pages, which allows them to see drop down product configuration options or a grid view showing all available options at once. This is great for configurable products like gym and physical therapy apparatus or clothing, and it allows B2B users to quickly identify and order all available options.

With Web Order Approval, larger companies can setup and configure (WOA) processes to allow hundreds of staff members to make purchase requests for superiors to approve. Approved Requisition Lists allow users to create and manage “include” and “exclude” requisition lists for corporate users. An include list allows users to only purchase certain items on a list. An exclude list restricts company users from buying certain items on the list.

A High Volume Address Book allows companies to effectively manage thousands of ship-to addresses. Performance Health added a searchable data table that delivers thousands of addresses by city, zip, street in a matter of seconds. The customer can also immediately see “recently used” addresses and can add “favorite” addresses. This is important for Performance Health because many of their customers have locations all over the US – for example they service many physical therapy chains with hundreds of different locations.

Before Magento, some companies found requisition lists too huge and difficult to deal with. Performance Health converted these lists to data tables so they can be easily searched and displayed. An Integration with Avalara CertCapture quickly determines a customers’ tax exempt status using certificates of exemption – the expiry and jurisdiction of these certificates is critical in the healthcare industry.

Meanwhile, an integration with NetSuite in real-time for pricing, orders, customers, shipments, invoices, and cash receipts helps the company enjoy a single source of truth for all data. Customer invoices are handled by the OnBase Document Management System. Now customers can download invoices in PDF format for one or many invoices, all at once.

The Magento way

Performance Health implemented their new store in several phases, starting in April of 2017 and concluding in October of 2018. “The Magento Commerce 2 platform and its framework allows us to be innovative in solving problems, to improve on the platform itself, and evolve as fast as our competitors,” said Greenwell. “Doing things the ‘Magento Way’ for us means following best practices. This ensures that everything remains upgrade safe and is extensible.”

As a direct result of the features and capabilities that Performance Health added to their site, the company enjoyed a significant increase in customer loyalty, fewer customer service complaints, and an impressive 53 percent increase in orders from 2017 to 2018. With an overall 15 percent growth in online revenue, and a 12 percent growth in Average Order Value, the Return on Investment from their Magento implementation speaks for itself.

Performance Health uses Magento Commerce to become a true Customer Experience Management company. Learn more here.