Learn how to elevate customer and employee experience to improve mission readiness by joining the Adobe Experience Makers Government Forum on May 10

Those who were born in the digital age comprise a rapidly growing portion of the Department of Defense (DoD), national security, and public safety workforces. This demographic expects digital experiences in the workplace on par with those in their personal lives, from recruitment through retirement.

The ability to provide outstanding user experiences is key to mission readiness and execution on a variety of levels — from enabling effective, real-time communication around the globe to boosting productivity and supporting workforce retention. For defense agencies, security is paramount and must be factored into every process and decision. Adobe helped to invent the developer experience (DX)/user experience (UX) space, and the DoD, national security, and public safety sectors trust us to help them solve some of their most complex collaboration and user experience challenges.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join us at the 2022 Adobe Experience Makers Government Forum on May 10th. There, we’ll dive into these changing expectations and complexities with a program track dedicated to DoD and national security agencies. We’re especially thrilled to be back in person this year at the Renaissance Washington Hotel. If you can’t attend in person, we’re also offering a virtual experience.

Powerful keynotes and insightful sessions

We’re bringing together an impressive lineup of government and industry leaders to explore key components of digital transformation and how public sector organizations can improve service delivery by taking UX to the next level. And at this year’s event, we have a special keynote for the DoD and national security program track: Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar.

In this exciting presentation, legendary Drug Enforcement Administration operatives Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña will tell their story of how they helped put an end to one of the world’s most infamous narco-terrorists.

Don’t miss our other sessions specifically designed for the DoD and national security agencies:

  1. Improving the Nation’s Security with Zero Trust
    As organizations’ systems evolve from on-premises to cloud-enabled and mobile environments, traditional perimeter-based security approaches become stretched. Zero trust offers a promising path forward, and there has been significant progress made in the last year toward its implementation. This panel will discuss next steps your organization can take, understanding that each organization starts the process of modernizing their security from their own unique place.
  2. The Golden Age of Creativity and the Modern Workplace
    Creativity is no longer the exclusive realm of designers and creators. DoD service members and civilian employees as well as members of the national security and public safety workforce all need to be creative in their own unique ways. This session will explore how the demand for content has placed new pressures on DoD, public safety, and national security tools and workforces. You will learn about approaches that help deliver a human perspective using the cloud, automation, and artificial intelligence to unlock endless possibilities that come with the burdens of ineffective collaboration in the modern workplace.
  3. The Future of Work: Redefining the Experience for the Workforce
    Mission readiness and job satisfaction matter more than ever. Advancing these goals requires organizations to look at each experience from the employee/service member perspective and to consistently provide them with support to build their skills. This panel will unpack emerging trends that are driving deep and long-lasting transformation while exploring how to combine cultural, digital, physical, and learning and development to create a connected employee/service member experience.

Find more information about the keynotes and sessions in our 2022 Government Forum announcement blog post. The agenda is full of insightful and exciting sessions such as:

Gain important insights at this year’s Government Forum

People rely on you to protect their best interests. Modern DoD and public safety agencies are stepping into a new reality of innovation to ensure their employees have the support and modern tools they need to advance their critical missions.

At this year’s Government Forum, you’ll get the insights you need to move your agency, employees, and mission forward. Additional program details will be released in the coming weeks, but for now, reserve your spot today and secure your chance to learn more about elevating your agency’s customer and employee experience. See you at there on May 10th!