Mainline Menswear Drives 30% YOY Revenue Growth with Adobe Advertising Cloud

Fashion retailers are clamoring to attract more online shoppers, with designer brands, High Street retailers, boutiques, and startups all going to market online. Rising above the competition to reach consumers in such a crowded market is a top priority—and paid search marketing is crucial to making it happen.

Paid search can be a challenge in retail, especially for smaller companies. Intense competition inflates bids and makes it hard for newer brands to get their ads in front of shoppers. While established companies can bank on name recognition and sheer size of budget to drive performance, smaller retailers need to be nimble and seize opportunities for growth.

That’s the key at Mainline Menswear, where the marketing team uses Adobe Advertising Cloud Search to work smarter and faster than competitors. The ability to react quickly to the market keeps the company agile in an advertising environment that gets more crowded and expensive every year.

“Competitors are stepping up in the digital world, but we pride ourselves on being innovative,” says Jonathan Patrick, Mainline Menswear’s Head of Marketing. “Adobe Advertising Cloud helps us stay one step ahead, helping to achieve 30% growth last year.”

Breakthrough growth from Black Friday to Christmas

The holiday season is crucial for retailers, and Mainline Menswear knew the real test of its paid search strategy would start on Black Friday. It’s a time when many powerhouse brands blanket the market with ads and use deep discounts to attract consumers.

The marketing team at Mainline Menswear took a different approach this past holiday season, relying on Adobe Advertising Cloud Search to optimize bids automatically across hundreds of campaigns, all calibrated to order and revenue goals.

The strategy worked, as the 2018 results show:

Patrick explains the approach, saying, “Where we saw gaps in the market, we pushed certain brands. Where markets were saturated, we held back and invested our budget elsewhere. Adobe Advertising Cloud enables us to adapt quickly, so we achieve a lower cost of sale.”

Mainline Menswear is confident that once it attracts first-time customers, they’re likely to come back again and again. That’s because the retailer is hyper-focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, with amazing customer service, loyalty rewards and special offers, and a unique, free next-day delivery promise. It’s one big reason Mainline Menswear earned a 99% eKomi rating.

As it continues to refine its paid search strategy, Mainline Menswear sees search ads as the first touchpoint in a larger customer experience—one that can win over much larger competitors and drive international growth.

Mainline Menswear uses Adobe Advertising Cloud to take a nimble approach to paid search marketing and win customers in a highly competitive industry.

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