Small Business Eiger Creative Thinks Big with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Eiger Creative is a small company accustomed to big changes. Founded in the 1980s by CEO Richard Munger, the software development firm has navigated seismic shifts in the IT industry by continually reinventing itself.

“We saw a wave of new competition as companies started to outsource their mainframe work overseas and lay off people, creating a lot of independent consultants in the field,” says Richard. “I didn’t want to be in that game, so I decided to build a solution for a narrower market and support it as a managed services provider. ”

Eiger Creative transformed itself into a solution provider in 2004, carving out a niche in the pharmaceutical industry. Its product, DosePlanner, satisfies a growing need among pharmacists—the ability to create compliant custom labels on blister packaging for patient prescriptions.

With a small staff, the company is nimble and poised for growth. Richard is again using innovation to pave the way, adopting Acrobat Sign to dramatically streamline a core element of the business—license agreements with pharmacy customers.

Agreements signed in days, not weeks

Eiger Creative wants to make the customer onboarding experience as smooth as possible, so it’s easy for clients to read and sign agreements.

“When we sell to a new client, we create three documents totaling 16 pages,” explains Richard. “We used to print and mail them, but it could take two to eight weeks to get the signed copies back—or longer. With Acrobat Sign, it takes three or four days.”

With an increasing number of new agreements sent out each month, the time savings from using Acrobat Sign are significant, allowing the company to scale. As Richard points out, “We just hired a new sales director and are hoping to double or triple our sales volumes. Acrobat Sign will be key to supporting that growth.”

Adobe is the obvious choice for Eiger Creative

Eiger Creative considered other e-signing solutions, but saw Acrobat Sign as a more solid, trustworthy choice that did a better job of meeting business needs. Besides, Richard is a long-time Adobe customer.

He uses Adobe Acrobat for viewing, reviewing and sending PDFs, and other Adobe Creative Cloud tools, like Adobe Photoshop, to clean up images for DosePlanner.

By adopting Acrobat Sign, the company frees up capacity to bring on new business with less work, and that’s a healthy prescription for growth.

Eiger Creative uses Acrobat Sign to process license agreements faster and fuel business growth. Learn more here.