Small Business Success with Adobe Acrobat Sign

When Luigi Recine was young, he saw a black-and-white print from famed photographer Ansel Adams that sparked a lifelong love of photography. Luigi realized photography could be a powerful form of art.

Fast forward to today and Luigi is living his dream as an independent professional photographer. As the owner of Matrix Photo Design, Recine serves both consumer and corporate photography needs, from weddings to product photography.

“I’m an artist at heart, so I love the freedom and creativity of owning my own agency,” says Luigi. “But it was a big learning curve to understand how to handle the business side of things. I discovered early on how important it was in business to keep good records.”

As a one-person shop, anything that will make Luigi’s day easier and more productive has a direct impact on the time and energy that he can devote to clients and growing his business. Recine adopted Acrobat Sign to streamline completing contracts and release forms with a fast, fully-digital process. By making administrative work easier and faster, Luigi can focus on what’s really important: making his clients happy by delivering beautiful photographs.

“As a creative person, I’m very familiar with Adobe solutions, so that was one reason that I looked at Acrobat Sign,” says Luigi. “In the end though, I chose Acrobat Sign over other electronic signature solutions because it combined great features and ease of use, both for myself and my clients.”

Completed contracts in hours, not weeks

Whether Luigi is working with a private or corporate customer, no work can start until the prospective customer signs an engagement contract.

“Before working with Acrobat Sign, it could take weeks for customers to review, sign, and scan forms,” says Luigi. “Now contracts typically come back same day. The great part is that I’ve never had to explain how to use it, either. Acrobat Sign is so intuitive that people know exactly what to do.”

The ability to quickly finalize details with prospective clients is essential in an industry where people often do a lot of online searching before hiring a photographer. By getting signed contracts back faster, Luigi gains a competitive advantage over other professionals and begin working with clients sooner.

Luigi also uses Acrobat Sign for another critical document: model release forms. With Acrobat Sign, models or their guardians can sign digital release forms from their tablets or smartphones, helping to get these essential forms completed in minutes.

Getting peace of mind with Acrobat Sign

It’s not just the speed of the Acrobat Sign workflow that impressed Luigi. He also appreciates the peace of mind that he gets from the built-in tracking capabilities.

Before Acrobat Sign, Luigi never quite knew what was happening after sending the contract or release form. Did the customer receive it? Has the customer or model seen it yet—or have they viewed it but not yet signed it?

“With Acrobat Sign, I can see exactly where the document is,” says Luigi. “I spend a lot less time, waiting, worrying, and following up with customers. For me, Acrobat Sign is about more than just saving time and money. It’s about allowing me to be more creative, growing my business, and living out my dream as an artist.”

Matrix Photo Design uses Acrobat Sign to get documents signed faster and focus more energy on creating works of art. Learn more here.