The Adobe Journey Optimizer Developer Expert certification is here

The Adobe Journey Optimizer Developer Expert certification is here

Built for customer-obsessed brands, Adobe Journey Optimizer is an agile and scalable application for orchestrating and delivering personalized, connected, and timely customer journeys across any app, device, screen, or channel.​ Journey Optimizer enables users to deliver omnichannel marketing and customer experience campaigns alongside real-time personalized moments for millions of customers. With the power of AI, Journey Optimizer empowers intelligent decisions and generates insights, optimizing the customer journey from a single application.

Today, Adobe is launching a brand-new Journey Optimizer Developer Expert certification for our technical implementers, consultants, and partners. By offering this certification, we’re helping connect our customers to valuable, vetted resources that will help them through the transition to simplified journey management for customers moving in real time.

How it was built

Adobe designs and develops exams to industry standards for fair, valid, and reliable certification. Adobe Certified Experts in Journey Optimizer possess the experience and skills to help our customers succeed. To ensure that the Journey Optimizer certification was comprehensive, we partnered with Bounteous, Capgemini, Merkle, and Wunderman Thompson, along with Adobe Consulting and Field Readiness, to develop it.

Building exams is a multistep process — it includes defining a target audience, documenting job tasks, creating questions, conducting a technical review, and determining a passing score. Through this process, we ensured that the exam for technical implementers of Journey Optimizer covers administration and configuration, Adobe Experience Platform foundation, offer decisioning, content authoring, and journey orchestration.

You can find more information on the Journey Optimizer Developer exam preparation page.

Spot the talent

After successfully achieving the Adobe Certified Expert — Journey Optimizer Developer certification, successful candidates will receive a digitized badge that can be promoted on LinkedIn and company websites, featured in customer pitches, mentioned in interviews, or even included in print collateral. This badge demonstrates that an individual has the skills and experience to configure and implement Journey Optimizer according to customer requirements. Additionally, customers can easily find and verify trusted partners and talent for their business through their recognition of the digital badge.

Get certified today

The Adobe Certified Expert — Journey Optimizer Developer exam is available today. To learn more about exam qualification, suggested preparation, and other considerations, visit the Journey Optimizer Developer exam preparation guide.