Unlock value faster with Use Case Playbooks for Adobe Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer

As marketers navigate the challenges of staying competitive and enhancing customer experiences, internal hurdles such as slow software adoption and siloed teams can further complicate the ability to execute. We’re helping people address these challenges, so they can focus on what really matters: delivering the very best experiences for customers.

Which is why we created Use Case Playbooks, a library of actionable use cases, visualizations, and ready-to-go implementation assets designed to help our customers drive faster time-to-value. These playbooks — available in both Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Journey Optimizer — are comprised of a growing number of pre-packaged, industry-specific use cases that marketers can use to prioritize business needs, auto-generate implementation assets, and hand off to data engineers and technical counterparts to review and set live.

Some exciting examples of playbooks are:

Each playbook overview includes the goals, persona, and industry and shows an easy-to-understand view of the customer engagement footprint. Once selected, the playbook instance then generates the appropriate assets to help you achieve the use case. After you’ve made any desired edits and you’re happy with the assets, you can activate your audience or campaign.

Keep reading for more information on all the features available within Use Case Playbooks, or use our product documentation to dive right in and get started.

Industry-specific playbooks

Discover use cases tailored to retail, travel, hospitality, sports, and entertainment to ensure you’re connecting with your customers in ways that feel personalized for them. More industry-specific playbooks are coming soon — meanwhile customers of any industry can utilize existing playbooks to advance use case activation.

Create flexible artifacts with a few clicks

Quickly generate Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer artifacts like schemas, audiences, or journeys tailored to your use case and reusable in the applications. Feel free to switch out the auto-generated artifacts for your own if you’d like.

Connect with your customers where they are

No matter where your customers are in their journey, you’ll be ready to meet them — with playbooks aligned to stages of the marketing funnel, including awareness, acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention.

Collaboration made easy

Use Case Playbooks create a space for collaboration between marketing, IT, data engineering, and more. Marketers can translate business needs into actionable initiatives with technical artifacts that can then be seamlessly handed off for implementation by IT stakeholders.

Looking ahead

The momentum doesn’t stop either — we will be expanding Use Case Playbooks into new areas, including playbooks specific to Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and new industries and use cases.

Ready to get started with Use Case Playbooks? Check out the documentation on Experience League to begin using Use Case Playbooks today.

Sign up for a live Experience League webinar on February 8 to see a demo and learn how you can deploy use cases with just a few clicks.

Kaitlin White currently works as a product marketing manager at Adobe, where she focuses on customer journey management, with an emphasis on the personalization and optimization of customer experiences. Throughout her career, she's developed a passion for helping customers use their data to solve problems, answer their questions, and ultimately provide the best experiences for their customers.