Google Shopping ads Channel

Set up and manage Google advertising campaigns directly in your Magento Commerce admin with this free extension.

Get the power of Google’s advertising network in one end-to-end solution.


You know you can improve your ROI and sales reach by adding the Google Ad Network to your toolbox. But setting up ads in Google can be time-consuming and expensive.

With Google Shopping ads Channel, a free, Magento-developed extension, you can set up ads directly from your product listings, automatically optimize bids, audiences, and products to improve conversion, and track campaign performance — all without leaving your Magento Commerce admin. And you can create and manage Google Smart Shopping campaigns, which are automated campaigns that optimize toward your goals, to reach more shoppers and squeeze more value from the advertising dollars you’re spending on Google — without ever logging into Google’s platform.

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Easy Setup
Seamlessly create your Google Merchant Center account, sync your product catalog, and create ads — all within the Magento Commerce admin.

Automatic Catalog Sync
Send product data to Google Merchant Center automatically when you add or update products in your Magento Commerce store.

Smart Shopping Campaigns
Get your products in front of the right buyers with Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. Connect your Magento Commerce store and put Google's machine learning to work.

Instant Optimization
Automatically adjust your bids, audiences, and products to help drive the most conversion value for a given budget. You can modify your budget and advertised products at any time for ultimate flexibility.

Download the free Google Shopping ads Channel extension.

Get the free extension to seamlessly integrate Google Shopping ads Channel into your Magento Commerce admin.

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