Take a Tour to Compare Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

About the Interactive Product Tour

Experience the power and flexibility of Adobe Commerce (Magento) in this interactive simulation and see why we are the leader in digital commerce.

Adobe Commerce helps you build multichannel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C from a single platform. See it in action in this quick, 2-minute tour of Adobe Commerce. Learn more about our visual merchandising tools, how to segment and personalize, and advanced experience management. You’ll also see how we make support and security easy along with our managed cloud services.

Adobe Commerce boosts the performance of your ecommerce platform using intelligent workflows and giving you the ability to cope with spikes in traffic. Grow your business seamlessly all the way to enterprise scale with this all-in-one package.

Wondering how Magento stacks up against Adobe Commerce? Read our Magento open source to Adobe Commerce comparison and see if it makes sense for your business.

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