Multivariate Targeting

Select the ideal targeting mix with multiple options including inventory targeting based on sites, apps, categories. Or, target based on audience segment, device type, manufacturer, OS, browser, connectivity, or location from the country level to zip code.


Stay on target. And budget.

When your video or display ad hits the mark, you’ve provided an experience that’s tailor made to create a lasting impression. But if your ad doesn’t reach the right audience or device, you’ve wasted budget. In an environment where every marketing dollar counts, that’s something your brand just can’t afford.

With multivariate targeting, you can gain access to advanced targeting that gets your ad in front of the people you want, the location you need, and in the correct context. Adobe Advertising Cloud offers audience targeting at scale across open real-time bidding (RTB) and premium inventory, device targeting without limits, geographic targeting, and the most granular level of targeting capabilities for your audience marketing.


See what makes it work.

Better inventory targeting
Our inventory is offered at scale all open RTB, programmatic-enabled premium, and direct buys, and includes API-driven networks. Targeting on open RTB inventory can be done at the source level.

More data for better targeting
Ingest first-party segment data into the DSP, and third-party audience data from over 40-plus data providers for granular targeting across all formats and screens.

Streamlined device targeting
Without any additional action required, all existing and newly-created Adobe Advertising Cloud batch and real-time destinations can accept both desktop cookie and mobile device ID segments from Adobe Audience Manager.