Create highly refined lead- and account-based audiences that update in real time so you can deliver hyper-targeted, dynamic content that increases conversion.


Build better lead nurture programs with granular audience segments.

Your audience isn’t a monolith. To make authentic connections with different leads within any audience, you need to identify where they differ, not simply settle for what they all have in common.

With Adobe Marketo Engage you can create targeted audience segments that update in real time based on engagement throughout the customer journey. Marketo Engage lets you create segments that combine specific profile details with buyer stage information. Having such accurate, up-to-the-minute snapshots of your customers gives you the confidence to create dynamic, segment-specific marketing programs that increase engagement, leads, and conversion.


See what makes it work.

Attribute and behavior-based segmentation

Layer advanced profile, behavior, and other custom data filters to pinpoint granular lead- and account-based audiences that you can create specific, authentic messaging for.

Real-time engagement updates

Set up automated workflows that sync activity triggers with specific audiences and CRM data so segments update in real-time based on sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

Automated lead-to-account matching

View your current target account penetration for account-based marketing by automatically associating leads to accounts, exposing how many known contacts exist for each buying group.

CRM account list sync

Connect sales and marketing with bi-directional data syncing that flows between your existing CRM tools and your updated account lists, campaign activity, and engagement data.

Multi-dimensional segmentation

Segment audiences based on a mix of which buying stage they’re in, shared profile information, and engagement behavior.

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Better segments start with better personas.

Find the insights that serve as the foundation for effective, targeted audience segments that lead to increased engagement in this webinar.

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Creating segments in Marketo Engage is easy.

Adobe Experience League gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to build highly refined audience segments. Learn how easy it truly is.

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