Target and retarget lead and account-based audiences across marketing and paid media outlets using fit, intent, engagement, and CRM activity to reach customers with pinpoint accuracy.


Take your pitch directly to the decision makers.

Even the best campaigns fall flat if they fail to reach the right audience. Rather than settling for broad, demographic-based targeting, you need tools that can help pinpoint key personas across accounts and deliver personalized content that makes the biggest impact.

Adobe Marketo Engage brings sales and marketing together by unifying lead management and target account management in one solution. Use one application to conveniently activate and target lead and account audiences across marketing and paid media outlets and Adobe Exchange™ programs, whether it’s for inbound or account-based marketing. You can even target and retarget anonymous users. Native integrations with paid media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, let you quickly turn insights into action — delivering personalized content that will convert.


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Native platform integrations

Natively target and retarget audiences — including known and unknown prospects — on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Personalize content, integrate forms to trigger campaign actions, and import ad performance data to show context and attribution.

Advanced lead and account targeting

Simultaneously support your mix of lead- and account-based strategies using advanced filters to target highly refined audiences based on fit, intent, engagement, CRM activity, offline data, and more.

Refined segments and audiences

Create highly targeted and dynamic audience segments that update in real time to support both lead- and account-based strategies.

ABM persona targeting

Customize and target specific decision makers within the buying groups of your target accounts using customer personas. Use persona filtering and targeting to maximize account engagement and penetration together with sales.

Behavioral targeting

Collect behavioral data from marketing automations, CRMs, and more to understand your customer’s interests and intent so you can tailor campaigns, messages, and product recommendations.

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Build better marketing strategies using behavioral targeting.

Behavior signals are more closely aligned to buyer intent than simple demographic characteristics. This cheat sheet will help you know which behaviors to listen for and how your marketing can capitalize on them.

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Coordinate sales and marketing to better engage key accounts.

Target account management (TAM) bridges the gap between account-centric strategy and execution, letting sales and marketing teams coordinate their efforts to connect with decision makers. Get step-by-step instruction on target account management at Adobe Experience League.

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