Manage product, help and support content from creation to delivery.

Scale content creation, manage it efficiently and publish faster with a cloud-native component content management system (CCMS), that empowers you to deliver consistent, engaging experiences across touchpoints.

Adobe Experience Manager Guides streamlines content management with a single platform for maximum ROI.

Use structured content management capabilities to easily create, manage and deliver product documentation, self-service help, user guides, knowledgebases, support content and more - all using Adobe Experience Manager Guides.

Power your digital business with a unified Adobe content platform.

Deliver consistent and engaging experience across touchpoints.

Reduce total cost of ownership.

Go to market faster with AI-powered workflows.

Solve your content challenges

Product documentation

Easily scale content creation and quickly deliver consistent, engaging experiences across touchpoints.

Self-service help and support content

Improve customer service metrics and compliance with searchable, consistent information across all channels.


Web-based content creation

Easy-to-use web editor creates presentation-agnostic, variant-free content. Migrates content from Word, HTML, InDesign and more to DITA with out-of-the-box ingestion framework.

Web-based review and collaboration

Web-based review saves time and effort, allowing multiple authors and reviewers to collaborate in real time even when operating remotely. Admins can assign roles and track progress through admin dashboards.

Structured content management

Offers today’s best content management capabilities like advanced content reuse, version management, reference management, search and metadata tag management, translation workflows and content health reports.

Omnichannel content experiences

Quickly delivers content through native publishing to Adobe Experience Manager Sites and PDF. Delivers easily to different touchpoints like HTML websites, CRM platforms, IoT Apps, chatbots, KINDLE and more, by using publishing engines and REST APIs.

AI-powered content management

Artificial intelligence and machine learning — powered by Adobe Sensei — unlock superfast delivery and easier content discovery by customers.

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Creative cloud

Component Content Management Systems: Supercharge long-form content for personalised and consistent experiences.

What sets us apart

Native integration with Adobe products

Seamless access to digital assets and advanced content analytics. Retarget readers with contextually relevant marketing content based on the kind of technical content being consumed.

Content management powered by AI

Only CCMS that offers machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance documentation workflows.

Direct publishing of XML/DITA to AEM Sites

Only CCMS that publishes XML/DITA content directly to Experience Manager Sites with no intermediate conversion or dependence on IT teams.

Out-of-the-box content ingestion framework

Migrate content from Word, HTML, InDesign and customised XML and automatically convert it to a standard format like DITA.


The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Guides

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Customer stories



Powering millions of lives worldwide

Grundfos delivers consistent and accurate product information across channels with Adobe.


High Tech

Improving content experience

Palo Alto Networks was able to achieve faster publishing, reach a larger user base and deliver a uniform experience for all content.



Product information any time

Briggs & Stratton created responsive web manuals with flexible DITA workflows at reduced costs.

Creative cloud

How structured content is disrupting the “Future of Documents” in a born-digital world.

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