Campaign Management

Manage multiple data sources, define your audience segments, and plan and execute multi-step, cross-channel campaigns through a drag-and-drop visual workflow interface.

A canvas for better data management.

Consumers expect fluid, seamless engagement, but you're still managing independent campaigns across email, social, mobile, web, and other channels. What's missing from your marketing technology stack are campaign tools that make it easy to give customers connected, relevant, and engaging experiences. 

With our campaign management tools, take full control of your marketing initiatives by easily segmenting audiences and orchestrating cross-channel marketing campaigns using a drag-and-drop visual workflow canvas. Easily implement splits, triggered interactions, pauses, and weightings, and design all your email, mobile, and offline marketing activities in this single visual interface. 

With Adobe Experience Platform, let customers drive their own journeys where they receive real-time triggered messages through multiple channels based on their activity, demographics, and any other custom data captured in the Unified Customer Profiles.

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Plan your campaigns across an extended timeline and effectively manage activities, budgets, schedules, and results in a single, integrated marketing platform.  

Automate your campaigns based on customer engagement. Automatically trigger personalized messages in real-time depending on how each customer interacts with your brand.

Measure campaign results to get a complete picture of what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do better. Then gather and report on your data so you can analyze it more effectively.

Limit the number of touches by customer or by channel, reducing the potential for fatigue. You also can set rules to adapt contact frequency on-the-fly, based on individual changes in engagement.  

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See how the Sydney Opera House uses campaign management tools to analyze trends, harvest insights, and create remarkable experiences for both on-site and online visitors in this customer story.

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Email reporting

Email reporting lets you better target and optimize your campaigns based on data you’ve collected about deliverability, readability, and results.

Adobe Analytics integration

Use the Adobe Campaign + Adobe Analytics integration to enable cross-channel reporting, create and share audiences across teams, and deploy real-time remarketing triggers.

Campaign management

Design, execute, and personalize your marketing across channels, while improving customer experiences on every device and touchpoint.

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