Happy 25th, digital advertising.

Here’s to 25 more.

Digital advertising has come a long way since the first banner ad in 1994. To celebrate, we’ve compiled research and insights — including our report Now We’re 25 — to see where we’ve been and to envision the future.

A walk down memory lane.

Learn about the early years of the industry and the internet itself in our detailed infographic. And track the milestones and accelerated change that have brought us to the incredibly diverse media landscape of today.

A walk down memory lane

Explore further with these videos and articles


Despite 25 Years of Ad Growth, Diversity Remains a Challenge

We surveyed over 2,000 consumers globally and found that we have work to do when it comes to diversity in advertising. Get the findings, analysis, and implications.


Study Finds People Want Diversity in Advertising

We met with Toccara Baker, product marketing lead for Adobe Advertising Cloud in EMEA, to get her thoughts on how to resonate to diverse audiences in advertising.


Digital Advertising: Then, Now, and the Future

Watch this Adobe Summit 2019 session to see what we’ve learned from the past — and how we can blend agility, adaptation, and tech to transform advertising as we head into the future.


A Look Back at 25 Years of Digital Advertising

Explore the most important developments in digital advertising since 1994 and see how they continue to influence digital media as emerging technologies take shape.


25 Years Old and Already the Most Dominant Force in Advertising

Digital advertising has exploded into the most powerful force in advertising. Let’s imagine the future of digital advertising, from data management to programmatic and beyond.


25 Years of Digital Advertising

We’ve come a long way from blinking banners in 1994. Watch our brief video and learn how digital advertising has evolved over the last 25 years.

The future of digital advertising starts here.

We’re working to bring technology and creativity together and put customers at the center, exploring the possibilities of AI to deliver exceptional ad experiences at scale. And we keep exploring emerging media — like voice-based devices, IoT devices, and AR — to help us keep you ahead of your competition.