Personalization at Scale

Make personalized experiences a part of every customer moment.

Customers don’t just want products. They want personalized experiences. They want real human engagement. We know it’s not always easy to make every connection personal, but we have the experience to help you succeed.

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Today, connected and personalized experiences are a must.

Nearly everything we do is now managed online. And those digital experiences need to be connected and tailored to your preferences, whether it’s finding the right color of laces for your custom-designed shoes or brake pads for your delivery van fleet.

Businesses that understand personalization are the ones growing at an accelerated rate by creating engaging human connections.

Personalization at scale is challenging, and we’ll help you figure it out.

Creating unique experiences for large audiences isn’t easy. Implementing personalization at scale is complex, involving transformation of your data, content, teams, and technology. But the effort is necessary, given 80% of B2C customers and 84% of B2B customers feel that personalization saves them time by making it easier to find information and settle decisions.*

Having worked with thousands of brands, we’ve identified the building blocks you need to reimagine more personal, human, and connected experiences for customers. These blocks are a brand’s data and insights, content and collaboration, and customer journeys.

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Use these building blocks to deliver personalized experiences.

As you consider which of the following blocks to focus on, we understand every business is at a different stage. Whether you’re far along or just beginning your personalization journey, start where it makes sense and remember that you’re looking to create human connections.


1. Make data central to your personalization strategy.

Combining cutting edge data, AI-powered insights, and profile technology is essential to understanding and curating the experience of any customer, at any stage in their relationship with your business. Build your personalization data foundation on these principles.

Prioritize data within your personalization strategy
Collect and organize first-party data from all your sources. With our patented Data Governance Framework your data can be used responsibly and effectively across your whole organization.

Establish and maintain real-time customer profiles
Learn more about your customers to serve them better. Collect omnichannel data and stitch it to a single ID that can be accessed and activated across your customer experience technologies.

Develop an omnichannel view of customer journeys
Know where each customer has been to predict where they’re going. Explore the customer journey in full across every channel and interaction to create more immersive experiences moving forward.

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2. Create an unbreakable content supply chain.

Creating and serving personalized content is an ongoing process. Using intelligent content creation and centralized asset distribution, you can accelerate production and the delivery of customer experiences.

Create your centralized content library
Designate a single repository for asset management, governance, and distribution among your content creators and publishers.

Enable dynamic content creation and delivery
Use AI to instantly compose, adapt, and personalize assets, then deliver through API to any point in your customer’s journey. Then, generate insights to inform content creation and find tools that streamline content reusability.

Make collaboration easy and efficient
Provide clarity on initiatives to management and production teams that will allow collaboration from anywhere, helping creators to connect and prioritize the right content.

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3. No two customer journeys are the same, but all can enjoy their ride.

With your data and content supply chain in synch, it’s time to see that each customer gets what they need, when they need it. Once an impossible ask, now there are tools available to make it happen. Here’s how you pull it off.

Orchestrate personalized journeys across all channels
Use real-time data to personalize experiences and offers delivered across websites, mobile apps, and campaigns, all while ensuring content is consistent across inbound and outbound channels.

Lean on intelligent decisioning
AI-automated decisions give you the edge to react to real-time insights and engage customers at the appropriate moment.

Maximize data value to drive conversion rates
Seamlessly use shopper or back-office data to continuously update the shopper profile to drive higher conversion rates across a wide set of touchpoints based on shopper context.

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4. Design a shopping experience that holds their attention.

From a standout storefront to thoughtful product suggestions, you need a powerful commerce platform with the capabilities to satisfy customers’ expectations for better shopping experiences across a wide range of interactions and channels.

Introduce highly individualized shopping experiences.
Pair personalized site content with AI-powered merchandising tools to create unique storefront experiences and offers specific to every customer’s unique wants and needs.

Develop deeper customer understanding with shared data.
Update shopper profiles with valuable commerce behavioral data to deliver deeply personalized experiences throughout the customer journey in the right context, at the right time.

Create closer customer connections.
Offer personalized shopping journeys to individuals by delivering contextualized messaging that motivates them to take action.

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