Content management system for midsize businesses.

Make a big impact on every customer, no matter the size of your business. Hosted in the cloud and powered by machine learning, Adobe Experience Manager Sites helps you get personalized experiences to market faster, without starting from scratch every time.

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The digital foundation that grows with you.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites is a flexible, cloud-based CMS that gives marketers the freedom to create and reuse content across channels without needing an IT department on standby. Machine learning and analytics capabilities make personalization a breeze, allowing you to act on insights across the entire customer journey. And as your business grows, you can rest easy knowing your CMS will grow with you.

Everything you need in a CMS.


Web content management

We believe everyone can be a content creator. Use marketing-friendly templates and developer-facing tools to publish your best content in record time and connect with customers faster.

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Flexible CMS

There’s more than one way to get great experiences to your customers. Deliver content using template-driven page authoring or use a headless approach with GraphQL, all on one platform.

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Personalized experiences

Every customer is unique. Now your content can reflect that. Use insights to find out which content they like best, and automatically optimize and deliver it in a meaningful, memorable way.

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Scale with AI

Grow with a cloud-native foundation that’s always current, scalable, and agile. Use AI and machine learning to automate manual tasks and deliver the best-performing experiences to every customer, every time.

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What makes us different sets you apart.

Choosing the right content management system for your business today can help you get to market faster and save resources tomorrow. Success-driven best practices, low to no code features, and DevOps tools help you quickly go live with new web and app experiences. Our Cloud Service makes it faster and easier to deploy experiences and you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance, security, and upgrades. It’s the kind of support and reliability you won’t find anywhere else.

“To know that we’re driving better business strategies and improving the customer experience, all while working faster and with a lower risk of human error, that’s a big win for us.”

Jose Rodriguez, Sr Director, Marketing Technology, Operations, and Digital Analytics

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