Data foundation

Align your data to deliver personalization at scale.

Adobe helps businesses unify data, integrate systems, and simplify workflows so they can deliver real-time personalized customer experiences at scale.

Align your data to deliver personalization at scale.

Integrate and streamline to get instant insights

Today’s customers expect businesses to deliver the experiences they want right now — not ten minutes ago. This requires an IT infrastructure that can provide every department — from sales, to marketing, to customer care — real-time customer data they can act on.

Learn the essentials of building a CXM data foundation.

Rapid data integration

Centralize, normalize, and manage data across all systems and channels, regardless of source.

Real-time profiles at scale

Stich together diverse customer data and run ML models right where data is stored to create enterprise-level customer profiles in milliseconds.

Simplified workflows

Reduce complex workflows through a unified operational and analytical system that integrates with existing tech stacks and third-party applications.

Lower latency, faster activation

Lower latency to deliver personalized customer experiences when it matters most—in real time.

The data foundation to deliver this moment’s experience

Build an IT infrastructure that integrates information in real time from any source—Adobe and non-Adobe—breaks down data silos, and delivers customer profiles every department can use to create simple, innovative, and delightful experiences.

Data that’s meaningful

Data that’s meaningful

Gather cross-channel data

Build a foundation that ingests data from any source — Adobe and non-Adobe — instantly to create personalized, scalable, real-time customer experiences.

Unify customer data

Centralize, normalize, and securely govern customer data coming from various systems to create a holistic customer view — one that any department can pull in seconds to create real-time customer interaction.

See people, not just profiles

See people, not just profiles

Deeper journey insights — faster

Create enriched, privacy-ready profiles with context and clarity in seconds using machine learning and multichannel, multi-platform analysis.

Democratize the data

Produce real-time customer profiles that all lines of business can instantly access and use to inform customer interactions across the organization.

Learn more about data-driven customer insights.
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Reduce and simplify end-to-end workflows

Reduce and simplify end-to-end workflows

Faster integration, simplified workflows

An aligned operational and analytical system that integrates into existing — and future — IT investments to create a fast, symbiotic system of engagement.

Collect, analyze, and predict

Shorten the bridge from data to insights. Then use AI to test, tune, and train models that allow you to drive personalized and meaningful experiences at scale.

Deliver rapid-fire, low-latency experiences

Deliver rapid-fire, low-latency experiences

Streamlined systems that communicate

Optimized workflows ensure your systems can react in real time on low-latency devices and channels, such as mobile apps and kiosks.

Extend tech stacks and scale up

Develop customer experience applications with composable components that can integrate with existing tech stacks using open APIs.

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