The new world of online commerce

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Scale your e-commerce experiences, without the growing pains.

The last two years have seen many organizations changing the way they operate and looking for the right tools to help them adapt.

For many, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation – with customers relying on digital more than ever, organizations have to keep up with expectations and adjust to new behaviors. Without cross-border shopping tourism, many Hong Kong organizations have felt the impact more than most.

Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento powers your e-commerce operations in a stable, scalable and secure platform, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why attend this webinar?

In this session, you will understand more about:

- Learn the latest e-commerce landscape and the best practice approaches around the world.

- Learn how local business expands their e-commerce footprint to different regions.

- Learn the best practice of “internationalisation” from strategy, action plans to process.

- Challenges and opportunities of online marketplace landscape in different regions.

- Cloud version to enjoy the 7x24 scalable and secure infrastructure with high-speed performance 

- Out of the box localization functions and localization, compliance advisory

- International consultants deliver top-notch action items, roadmaps for growth, and digital marketing services to beat competitors to any market.   

- Integrate your product, orders, customer information with 3rd party marketplace for central management 

- Multiple brands, multiple stores, multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple tax rule arrangements

- B2B, B2C, B2B2C multiple business capabilities

- Manage all the sales around the world with prebuilt analysis that we can see the best product, performance and the market fit,delivering ecommerce strategy advice, digital team structure, and omnichannel customer experience best practice

Intended audience

  • Decision Makers and Practitioners.



Arthur Cheung
General Manager, Asia, Pattern International
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Connie Mok
E-Commerce Specialist, Adobe
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Mike McHugh

Kay Lee
Solutions Consultant, Adobe
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