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Adobe DITAWORLD 2022

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  • BlackBerry married organizational vision with content design. Watch now
  • Ciena leveraged DITA to deliver elevated customer experiences. Watch now
  • Erie Insurance opened new possibilities by taking a streamlined approach to content and DITA. Watch now
  • Hunter Douglas secured executive buy-in for investment in technical communication. Watch now
  • Thomson Reuters implemented single-source publishing using Experience Manager Guides. Watch now
  • Zebra Technologies underwent a digital transformation of their technical content. Watch now
the risks and potential of content

The risks and potentials of content – Why content governance is a must for every enterprise

Content governance is a critical component to the success of your enterprise content strategy. Learn how Experience Manager Guides and Acrolinx use content governance to holistically address some of today’s most complex content challenges.

Building bridges

Building bridges – Managing translations with Experience Manager Guides and XTM Cloud

Explore the power of two cloud-native solutions to author, review, manage, translate, and publish your content – in any language, to any channel with Experience Manager Guides and XTM Cloud.

Content Transformation – The Key to Digital Success

Content Transformation – The Key to Digital Success

As organizations ride the wave of digital transformation, they often realize that content is a key element they need to navigate as a part of this journey. Content transformation is all about unlocking the potential of your content and is a necessity for successful digital transformation.


Self-service PDF branding and customization for everyone

Typically, getting a nice-looking PDF from DITA content involves developing custom PDF plugins or contracting a vendor for a specialized PDF formatter. This results in expensive rebranding initiatives, slow turnaround times, etc. Adobe has made all this a thing of the past. See how the new native PDF publishing engine in Adobe Experience Manager Guides makes setting up new custom PDF templates a breeze.


How to use content analytics to define your content strategy

According to a 2021 Forrester study, 42% of respondents said they face difficulties tracking content consumption and gathering customer insights. Explore how you can track consumption patterns of end-users and generate insights from content usage using Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager Guides. It can then be leveraged to provide dynamic, real-time experiences to end-users.


3 content pillars every future-proof enterprise needs today

Stefan Gentz, Adobe’s Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Technical Communication, walks through the uncharted realms of the enterprise information landscape and discuss content usage scenarios, today and in the future. He discusses how a future-proof, unified content strategy and Adobe Experience Manager can help bring formerly isolated content to life.


Content Journey with Adobe Experience Manager Guides

Managing Enterprise Content can sometimes be like jumping through various hoops of a duct-taped solution. See how one can overcome a myriad of content challenges with an end-to-end solution that provides Enterprise Content Management in a single place, with everything—editing, review, translation, and omnichannel publishing—available from the convenience of a web browser.


Enrich your content with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Metadata is a crucial component of your content strategy – a component that all too often relies on manual intervention from your content creators. In this session, join Chad Dybdahl as he discusses how you can leverage Adobe Sensei to automatically tag and categorize DITA content, enriching the end-user experience, and ultimately ensuring that customers can find the content they need.


Expert's guide to CCMS assessment: developing a content strategy

Every organization has different content management needs but the underlying requirements are always based on rich capabilities around authoring, metadata management, storage, delivery, and more. Developing a content strategy is crucial to success of your CCMS project.


Managing documentation on Adobe Experience Manager

Earlier technical and support documentation was only bundled with the products in printed or digital formats, but now it is listed in the top navigation menu of websites. Explore how organizations can provide consistent experience across marketing & documentation content.


Deliver omnichannel experiences with Adobe Experience Manager

The world revolves around content, and content needs to work regardless of the device, channel, and context. But content is often authored in various formats based on preferences of the various functional stakeholders owning it. A standard structured authoring framework can help maximize content reuse and productivity.


How to make your product documentation Experience-driven

Organizations are facing a growing demand for documentation that caters to thousands of product variants and SKUs. Explore how you can scale content creation and deliver a rich, rewarding experience for product documentation across touchpoints.


Collaboration in the time of COVID: Social distanced review

Many of us are still working remotely, but we still need to work together. Learn how you can banish cumbersome manual review processes forever. Bring authors, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders together with Adobe’s collaboration technology.

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