Content and Data Integrations

Make collaboration between design and marketing teams a reality with the integration of Creative Cloud assets library and customer data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager. Combined, you get approved, campaign-ready creative elements that can build insight-led, personalized advertising sequences.


Creative-side, meet your analytical-side.

Trying to make real-time, personalized ad experiences can be a real nightmare for marketing and design teams alike — and no one knows this better than you. Your customers demand personalized experiences, but the stress it puts on your design team is overwhelming. Couple that with a marketing department that expects personal, results-driven ads, and you’ve got a formula for campaign disaster.

With integrated content and data, though, you can stop the fruitless cycle and start creating amazing ads. Our one-of-a-kind integration with Adobe Creative Cloud assets makes collaboration between design and marketing teams a reality. Activate ad creative across media buys and measure performance end-to-end. Combine customer and performance data with Adobe Experience Manager Assets to optimize creative and keep it consistent across marketing campaigns.


See what makes it work.

Experience Cloud integration
Find audiences through Adobe Analytics Cloud integration, then activate dynamic creative across media buys. Inform ads with data to improve personalization, measure performance, and repeat.
Creative Cloud integration
Browse and access approved, ad-campaign-ready creative elements to build advertising sequences. Tap into the full potential of your design and marketing teams to deliver on-brand, personalized ads.