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Modern advertising requires a modern ad platform. With Adobe Advertising Cloud, you get just that. Take a look through these IT resources for Adobe Advertising Cloud. Get started by reading our point of view on IT and digital transformation. Then dig deeper into technical resources.


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Security overview

Read about the security practices used in Adobe Advertising Cloud to protect customer data.

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Adobe Advertising Cloud FAQs for IT.

How does Adobe Advertising Cloud adhere to compliance requirements regarding privacy?

Adobe Advertising Cloud doesn't collect any directly identifiable information, like name or email address, about customers that would conflict with applicable privacy rules and regulations. Plus, Adobe is an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and IAB Europe compliance councils, meaning we abide by an online behavioural advertising conduct regarding transparency, consumer control, data security, sensitive data and accountability. 

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What does Adobe do to address data security in Adobe Advertising Cloud?

We work to prevent, detect and respond to incidents quickly. We also collaborate with leading researchers, research institutions and other partners to stay up to date with threats and vulnerabilities. We strive to incorporate the latest security advances into our products and services. Specifically with Adobe Advertising Cloud, we use security and control capabilities at its hosting centres, which maintain leading security certifications, including SOC 2.

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Will Adobe Advertising Cloud integrate with our existing data management platform(s)? If so, how do we get that data into Adobe Advertising Cloud?

Adobe Advertising Cloud features strong integration with Adobe Audience Manager, as well as prebuilt server-to-server integrations with a wide variety of other audience and advertising data management platforms. If you are importing data sources that are not yet integrated, we can often ingest a feed to get that data into Adobe Advertising cloud.

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How do I get Adobe Advertising Cloud data into my external reporting tools?

We can provide an email address or an FTP location that can be used for bulk consumption of Adobe Advertising Cloud data by your own reporting tools.

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