Before you can personalize at scale, you must create content at scale.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites gives you unique tools that let you create content once and quickly spinoff unlimited variations, making it easy to personalize at scale across any channel, while AI-powered real-time targeting ensures each customer experience is the best.


You know what your audience wants. Delivering it is another story.

With increased access to more robust customer data, it’s never been easier for marketers to build highly refined audience segments. For marketers and IT teams who have spent time and energy collecting all this customer data, the next challenge is delivering one-to-one personalized content that can take full advantage of these deep insights to increase conversion and engagement. But creating dozens of variations of a piece of content to match each customer on each channel is a time-consuming task.

To keep up with the unique preferences of all your different customers, you need to create content that feels individualized without spending the resources to create each piece individually. A content management system (CMS) like Adobe Experience Manager Sites can help your team create content at scale and use your wealth of data to make experiences that are tailored to each customer’s preferences.


Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites helps you tackle the dual challenges of creating and personalizing content at scale from a single platform. Create content once and quickly repurpose it across a variety of channels with flexible Adobe Experience and Content Fragments. Match the right content to your audience’s individual preferences using automated tools and workflows that help identify the most relevant experience at each stage of the customer journey.

Here’s how Experience Manager Sites lets you easily scale content production:

Content flexibility — Create a master experience and swap imagery or copy with Experience and Content Fragments. Fragments let you quickly create variations for each audience without manually recreating content over and over.

Content performance — Execute performant campaigns that reach the target customer and increase conversions. Deliver the right experience to the right customer, every time with granular insights into what content and experience characteristics resonate with each audience and why.

Omnichannel personalization — Deliver a consistent experience with content that dynamically adapts based on the channel and device to increase engagement at every touchpoint.

Intuitive integrations — Edit, deploy, and test variations on content to quickly arrive at the highest performing experience using native integrations with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

60% improved accuracy

Silicon Labs saw a marked improvement in accuracy.

40% improved conversion

Swisscom’s conversion rate jumped by 40%.

26% increased sign-ups

Morningstar increased their premium trial sign-ups significantly.

Adobe Experience Fragments unlock personalization at scale.

Experience Fragments are grouped sets of content that let you quickly create variations of experiences for delivery across owned and third-party channels. Watch the video to learn how it’s done. Then explore other Experience Manager Sites tutorials, including using Experience Fragments with Adobe Target to continuously optimize experiences.


Understand what content is getting results.

Identify your best performing content with reports on total page views, unique visitors, time spent on page, bounces, sources, and campaign performance — even personal preferences.

Deliver the most relevant experience every time.

With rules-based targeting, you can deliver specific, relevant content to pre-defined groups of site visitors using a simple, intuitive interface.


Boost personalization at scale by targeting and optimizing.

Learn about what Adobe can do for your business.