Sales and Ad Channels

Expand reach and efficiently promote, sell, and fulfill across channels with the ability to create and advertise branded campaigns.

Further reach, higher revenue. Without the extra effort.

Get more customers and higher sales with the help of native integrations to the industry’s leading marketplace and advertising channels. Sell products on Amazon Marketplace and advertise on Google — all from one solution and without the extra time, cost, and effort needed to manage them separately.

Keep listings, inventory, orders, and fulfillment in sync and in line. And take advantage of machine learning to automatically adjust your prices on Amazon for better placement, so you can improve your ad targeting across Google networks.

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All-in-One Solution
Manage Amazon Marketplace, Google Merchant Center, and Google Ads all in one place with native integration. Get a single source of truth without integrating your catalog to yet another platform.

Listings, Inventory, and Order Management
Simplify onboarding and maintenance by easily syncing products and inventory between your catalog and Amazon listings. Because you can manage orders and customer accounts from the same console, keeping everything in line and up to date is a breeze.

Intelligent Pricing
Automatically reprice your Amazon listings and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box with Amazon Sales Channel. You’ll outrun your competition and increase sales — all without the extra effort.

Fulfillment Management
Choose the delivery method that fits your business best. Fulfill your own orders, use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or use both to get orders into customers’ hands as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Smart Shopping Campaigns
Simplify ad management, increase conversions, and expand your reach with Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns. With the help of machine learning, automatically and effortlessly choose the best products to advertise, how much to bid, who to target, and what creative to show across Google networks.

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Learn how you can use additional sales channels to reach more buyers, enhance their shopping experience, increase product visibility, and raise your revenue potential.

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