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“Using attribution data, we’re working toward predictive analysis that will allow us to find an ideal distribution for budget across campaigns and channels.”

Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics, DER Touristik

Travel customers expect a highly personalised experience from start to finish. To meet that expectation, DER Touristik is taking control of their data to create better user experiences — and generate greater returns.

“As an analyst, I couldn’t imagine doing my job without Analysis Workspace now. What would take hours to pull together is now five minutes.”

Andrew Morris, Head of Digital Insight, Delivery, RS Components

“People expect to have a great experience. Adobe Target is very simple to use…and it’s fast. It gives us better insights on what the customer is doing while they’re visiting our site, and then building a segment in Analytics and using it in Target is key.”

Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer,

“Adobe Target and personalization is a powerhouse. It allows us to serve those unique experiences to different audiences. We love the automated personalization!”

Alix Hart, Global Head of Digital Marketing, NVIDIA


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“Adobe is critical to my team. The customer is receiving an experience that is being personalized, but they don’t realize it’s being personalized. They just recognize that it’s relevant for them.”

Will Harmer, Senior Manager, Insights and Optimization, EE

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