Drive predictable growth with next-generation B2B experiences.

Today’s high-tech buyers expect seamless experiences between your marketing, sales, and products. Start differentiating your brand with relevant customer experiences that deliver value at the right time across every touchpoint.

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High-tech success requires future-proof technology, always-on sales and marketing, and transformed routes to market.

In B2B, account-based experiences aren’t just valuable — they’re expected. Adobe Experience Cloud provides unified data, artificial intelligence-powered insights, and content automation that helps you bring relevant sales and marketing experiences to every buyer interaction.

Turn prospects into lasting customers.

Revolutionize your customer experience strategy with next-generation data management and analytics capabilities. Tap into unified people and account profiles, analyze and predict customer behaviors, and construct better account plans and campaigns for improved retention.

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Deliver engaging B2B content that converts.

Streamline deal progression using the power of integrated content and collaboration solutions. Create, manage, and automate digital content delivery to convert more prospects into more sales.

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Learn how high tech is using content and work management to increase velocity

Let buyers lead their purchasing experience.

Integrate your buyers’ digital journey within the sales process and put them in control with assisted commerce options. Gain insights to learn what they need to evaluate your products and transform digital touchpoints into opportunities for deeper sales conversations.

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“Whether a customer is buying a connected device or the cutting-edge chips inside, everyone now expects to have a brand experience that is captivating, connected, and relevant. Adobe Experience Platform empowers us to reimagine the way we engage customers when they embrace our transformative technologies by integrating real-time personalization into our omnichannel approach.”

Don McGuire

SVP and CMO of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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