Qualcomm’s digital renaissance: Mastering the market with Adobe’s innovative edge.


Increase in time spent on website


Increase in web page views


Uplift in lead quality


Increase in conversion rates

Qualcomm uses these solutions:

Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Adobe Target

“Our focus has expanded to a broad spectrum of users. This partnership with Adobe enables us to innovate and provide tailored experiences. It’s about delivering personalized journeys that resonate with each user group.”

Jeremy Krall

Senior Director of Marketing Technologies & Digital Ecosystems, Qualcomm

Qualcomm, a renowned technology leader in creating era-defining technology breakthroughs since 1985, is at the forefront of innovation in intelligent computing. The company has been evolving the core technologies it developed for smartphones — including connectivity, high-performance, low-power computing, and on-device AI — to drive digital transformation across industries and power new consumer experiences.

When Don McGuire became chief marketing officer in 2021, he took a holistic view to evolve the marketing organization as well as the Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands. Applying the mindset of innovation that has driven the company in its nearly 40-year history, he identified how digital transformation could enhance the marketing discipline.

He brought on Carmen True, vice president of marketing, two years ago, and she identified specific areas of the company’s marketing and technology strategies that had been left out in the past. From developing sales leads and engaging core customer demographics to outdated and labor-intensive modes of content creation, she honed in on multiple areas within the organization that could benefit from digital marketing solutions.

With the help of Jeremy Krall, senior director of marketing technology and digital ecosystems, True spearheaded an initiative to not only modernize Qualcomm’s digital ecosystem but also revolutionize it.

Reimagining digital engagement

The journey began with a deep marketing analysis by True and Krall. This helped them identify the areas that were ripe for modernization. Still, they knew they would need to be strategic in pitching innovation and new processes to teams who had gotten comfortable doing things the same way for more than 30 years.

To kick off their digital revolution, True and Krall focused on the way Qualcomm engaged with one of its key demographics — developers.

As the architects of the mobile experience, developers are a crucial customer for Qualcomm. They rely on Qualcomm’s comprehensive suite of software and hardware tools, from advanced Snapdragon developer kits to cutting-edge app processors and development boards. Engaging this community effectively requires Qualcomm to deliver solutions that are not only technologically superior to its competitors but also accessible, user-friendly, and ahead of the curve. As a leading global innovator, Qualcomm had the former, but it was lost among outdated and convoluted systems.

“We needed to be able to tailor our digital experience and deliver richer, more personalized journeys for our customers,” True says. “We needed to put information in front of them in a more organized, simpler-to-digest fashion that didn’t exist on our site.”

“We’ve been able to democratize the publishing process with Experience Manager. We now have tools where the owners of content can make updates themselves. They don’t have to rely on a web team to publish content for them.”

Carmen True

Vice President of Marketing, Qualcomm

Integrating Adobe solutions for enhanced efficiency

This is where the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager Sites comes into play. True and Krall partnered closely with Qualcomm CIO Cisco Sanchez, a strong Adobe advocate. They realized numerous solutions to the problems they identified could be solved through Adobe Experience Cloud tools, including Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Platform.

With the easy-to-use interface provided by Experience Manager and simplified ways to identify audiences and deliver personalized experiences, this offered clear solutions to outdated processes. With McGuire and Sanchez as their champions, True and Krall were able to get buy-in from their teams and shift 30 years of operations into a new era.

Once the team was onboard, Qualcomm’s digital landscape went through an important shift with Experience Manager Sites. It allowed the Qualcomm team to deliver content in new and streamlined ways. “With the new content management system, we can push data from our back-end systems right to the front end. Now, we can highlight added content and compare specific datasets like never before,” says Krall.

After the switch, Qualcomm saw a 250% increase in time spent on the website and an almost 800% increase in page views. “Experience Manager Sites isn’t just a content delivery system — it’s the core of our strategy to merge the developer experience seamlessly with all other aspects of our digital landscape,” says Krall. “Our focus has expanded to a broad spectrum of users. This partnership with Adobe enables us to innovate and provide tailored experiences. It’s about delivering personalized journeys that resonate with each user group.” Adobe Target and the integration with Adobe Real-Time CDP (built on Experience Platform) provided them the ability to do just that.

Similarly, page load times have decreased dramatically, going from about a 15-to-22-second page load time to approximately 3-to-5-second load times, representing an 86% improvement. Load time is important for accessibility, but it is also critical for page views, customer loyalty, and many other critical business metrics. “We’re able to deliver a much richer experience at a fraction of the old page load speed, which is huge for accessibility,” True notes.

A new day for collaboration

The impact of Adobe Experience Manager Sites extended beyond updated customer journeys and marked an extraordinary shift in what Qualcomm teams could accomplish as well. Under True’s leadership, the switch to Experience Manager Sites centralized Qualcomm’s content management strategy and improved the overall culture among team members like never before.

“We’ve been able to democratize the publishing process with Experience Manager. We now have tools where the owners of content can make updates themselves. They don’t have to rely on a web team to publish content for them,” True says.

The transition empowered Qualcomm’s web team to translate its content into multiple languages with remarkable speed and accuracy. This capability significantly enhanced Qualcomm’s accessibility and global reach, allowing for more effective communication with diverse customer bases.

Catalyzing business growth

As a part of their marketing analysis, True and Krall not only identified the need to improve their digital engagement with customers but focused on their marketing and sales funnel as well.

While the team had dabbled with Adobe Marketo Engage, they had not been using it to its full capacity as the marketing team felt like sales leads were going into a “black hole” where they got lost or ignored. This was largely due to a lack of alignment between the two teams and an outdated approach to handling customer data and engagement.

True and Krall once again brought innovation to outdated systems with the help of Adobe solutions. They spearheaded an immense uptick in the use of Marketo Engage, enhancing the partnership between Qualcomm’s marketing and sales teams. “Before, the marketing team would send a lead over to sales — but sales didn’t necessarily trust the maturity of that lead,” Krall says. “But now, with Marketo, we’re sending over a really rich history of all the touchpoints. That level of technical integration and improved predictive scoring have helped quite a bit in reestablishing that trust.”

By improving collaboration with sales and analyzing actions on the site, form fields, and event participation, they developed a sophisticated scoring system. This system led to a 40% uplift in improved lead quality and scoring and a 25% increase in lead conversion rates. They were able to determine a standard MQL score, guaranteeing that only the most promising leads were pursued, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Establishing organizational standards for MQL to SQL conversion ensured everyone was speaking the same language and provided sales and marketing leadership a better view into which tactics are most effective.

“Before, the marketing team would send a lead over to sales, and they didn’t necessarily trust the maturity of that lead. But now, with Marketo, we’re sending over a really rich history of all the touchpoints. The level of technical integration and predictive scoring have helped quite a bit.”

Jeremy Krall

Senior Director of Marketing Technologies and Digital Ecosystems, Qualcomm

Looking ahead: The role of AI in Qualcomm’s strategy

Just as McGuire, True, and Krall helped their teams embrace new digital marketing solutions, they are leading the charge in weaving AI capabilities into the fabric of Qualcomm’s content creation strategy.

A significant highlight of this initiative is their commitment to Adobe Firefly, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite known for its AI-driven design and content capabilities. With significant updates to digital personalization, the Qualcomm team will need to produce large volumes of content like never before. This is where Firefly becomes paramount to the team’s new digital strategies, as it will play a key role in automating and enhancing Qualcomm’s content creation, promising a leap in efficiency and creativity.

“We’re all-in on Firefly, it is definitely something we want to not only use, but we want to be on the forefront of what’s next for it, especially as it relates to ensuring brand safety,” says Krall.

The journey doesn’t stop with Firefly. Another ambitious move involves revolutionizing Qualcomm’s content supply chain (CSC) through Adobe GenStudio. The CSC — encompassing the entire lifecycle of digital content, from creation and production to distribution and activation — stands as a cornerstone of effective digital content management. Adobe GenStudio, armed with generative AI, offers a transformative approach to content generation, and will enable Qualcomm’s marketing team to produce a higher volume of quality content with unprecedented speed.

These strategic advancements in AI and automation underscore a broader narrative. Under the stewardship of McGuire, True, and Krall, along with close alignment among marketing, IT, and sales, Qualcomm is not only enhancing its operational processes but also deepening engagement with its customers and the developer community. By harnessing advanced Adobe solutions, Qualcomm is fortifying its leadership in the competitive industry. This collaboration between Qualcomm and Adobe sets a new standard for digital innovation, showcasing the transformative power of advanced technology.

Join the digital revolution. See how Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Marketo Engage can power your business’s future.

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