Harmoney doubles its click-to-open rates of emails to prospects.

Harmoney encourages repeat business by delivering on-time, relevant communication.




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Clicked to Open Rates

of Emails to Prospects


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Move leads through the funnel, helping people easily navigate the application process to quickly obtain loans.

Encourage repeat business by delivering on-time, relevant communication.

Build the Harmoney profile and brand, raise customer trust, and engage and educate borrowers and lenders.

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Clicked to Open Rates of Emails to Prospects.

+ 89%
Communication to New Applicants (on average monthly).

+ 23%
Win-Back Conversion rate for Low-Intent Leads.

Harmoney is changing traditional lender/borrower relationships with an online marketplace finance model that connects people who want to borrow money directly with people who want to lend money. Since its inception in 2014, Harmoney has become the largest and most trusted lending website in Australasia.

With Harmoney’s senior management setting aggressive growth targets for the future and because most operations occur online, Marketing Automation Lead Bianca Lopez says delivering an exceptional digital experience is essential to not only generating new leads but nurturing account holders through to the point of loan acceptance and finding “unclog” solutions through the application process.

Two years ago, Harmoney recognised that marketing automation would play a vital role in creating personalised experiences that could engage more customers at a faster pace and which would encourage repeat business. Used well, Harmoney realised the personalisation capability of good automated communications could, somewhat ironically, bring the “human” element back into Harmoney’s USP of a 100% online loan application process. As the company evaluated the leading marketing automation platforms, Marketo emerged as the obvious choice. With its flexibility and robust functionality, Marketo is an ideal match for Harmoney’s complex customer journeys. The company deals with a wide range of customer segments based on persona, demographics, intent level, and loan purpose, as well as stringent criteria for qualified leads.


Data-driven communication drives conversion.

At Harmoney, customer engagement revolves around ensuring customers not only find real value from Harmoney products but also have a positive overall experience. Bianca views her goals in marketing as straightforward: influence conversions by understanding the customer journey, and then creating campaigns and content that accelerate the progress of leads through the funnel. Marketo enables her to perform her role in a variety of ways.

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With the Marketo Engagement Platform, we can leverage data to deliver personalised communications efficiently and at a frequency that aligns with the individual borrower’s interests and intent level,” Bianca says. “We can communicate via automation in a way that recognises individual needs and addresses roadblocks to their progress through the funnel. Because of this, we have significantly improved our email engagements from prospects.”

Granular visibility improves the customer experience.

The Harmoney marketing team’s development of a revenue cycle model (RCM) in Marketo has empowered the company to continually improve its customer experience. The RCM maps out the stages of the customer journey. It slices the overall journey into smaller journeys, enhancing the level of personalisation and directing people to the most relevant channels and communications. The RCM has also made it easier to identify key performance indicators and understand which activities are doing the best job of driving conversion.

With Marketo’s help, we are in touch with leads at every stage of the funnel and we can see how campaigns are performing at each stage,” Bianca says. “The solution is enabling us to communicate efficiently to an average of 89% of leads who start an application each month. Personalised messages are triggered at the right time—without intervention by marketing. That leaves more time for us to work on strategy.”

For example, Harmoney identified an opportunity to win back inactive and withdrawn customers. “These cohorts may be unlikely to convert,” Bianca explains. “However, with Marketo, we’re able to communicate with them in a way that addresses the reasons they dropped out, which re-engages them and wins them back.”

The program generates a two-way conversation. Harmoney email messages ask customers questions and subsequent messages are based on how people respond to earlier questions. Even though intent is very low for these leads, Harmoney is converting them at an average rate of 23% each month through personalised Marketo campaigns.

Integration enables innovation.

Easy integration with third-party software gives the Harmoney marketing team greater flexibility to innovate and, as a result, further enhance the customer experience. For example, the team integrated Marketo with Mixpanel, which allows marketing to analyse user behaviour across the website and the borrower application.

Harmoney uses this integration to get a more granular view of prospects’ behaviour by capturing real-time event data. This captures where prospects dropped out of the application process and triggers personalised communication as soon as they dropped off, providing them with information that help them progress.

I was able to easily implement this through API integration, which did not require any developer work.” Bianca says. “This campaign is progressing a monthly average of 16% of drop-offs without any help from Customer Support.”

Moving up to the next level.

Bianca plans to take the customer experience to the next level by bridging the gap between marketing and sales through Marketo Sales Engage. This will help sales prioritise leads based on how likely they are to convert. It will also provide salespeople with the information they need for relevant communication with customers.

We are also taking personalisation of our customer marketing experience to the next level by building even smaller, more targeted journeys,” Bianca says. “We plan to use Marketo Ad Targeting to integrate more channels in these smaller journeys. We’re confident that the functionality and scalability of Marketo will carry us well into the future.”


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