Digital asset management for customer experiences — create once, reimagine everywhere.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is a cloud-native DAM built for today’s content needs, letting you easily manage millions of assets to create, manage, deliver and optimise personalised experiences at scale.

A DAM that goes beyond expectations.

Manage millions of assets from a single, cloud-based solution.

Reimagine digital asset management — built for today’s content demands and made to scale as your organisation grows.


  • Boost performance with interactive and immersive assets — including videos and 3D assets.
  • Empower collaboration among IT, creative and marketing teams to create personalised experiences quickly.
  • Scale the DAM capabilities over time automatically to meet the demands of customers.
  • Track each asset and which team uses it to make real-time modifications and optimisations to each experience.

Do the work you want. Automate what you don’t.

Create personalised content with AI-driven capabilities and automation to transform a single asset into thousands of variations.


  • Build and edit content of any size, format, resolution, crop or effect — right from within the DAM.
  • Locate similar assets quicker and automatically resize them for any format.
  • Save time and deliver personalised experiences faster with AI to streamline tagging, cropping and distribution.

Maximise the value of your content — from ideation to execution.

Empower more teams to create, collaborate and deliver quickly with a fully connected DAM ecosystem.


  • Let creatives access and edit the assets they need from their favourite Adobe Experience Cloud and Experience Cloud apps.
  • Speed up content creation with smooth workflow management, ensuring assets are built, reviewed and automatically tagged.
  • Use available integrations for third-party apps or teams to keep your DAM up to date and fully optimised.

Create, deliver and adapt countless asset variations across devices — fast.

Accelerate the delivery of immersive content to every channel and insights along the journey.


  • Optimise assets upon delivery — saving you time and budget.
  • Build interactive assets and deliver them where your customers are to create beautifully personalised experiences.
  • Use 3D assets to create engaging experiences like 360-product views, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
Forrester names Adobe a Leader in Digital Asset Management.
The Forrester Wave

Every great experience starts with digital assets.


Drive personalisation and ensure brand consistency.

Use a DAM built for personalised experiences to help you to manage and deliver millions of assets to meet customers where they’re at — and give them unforgettable journeys.


Boost productivity for better, faster experiences.

With the agility and speed of a cloud-native solution, Experience Manager Assets provides an ecosystem where your teams can collaborate to create, share and publish the dynamic, immersive experiences your customers love.


Empower your teams with AI and automation.

We use AI and automation to help teams create, manage, adapt and publish rich digital assets across every step of the personalised customer journey. Generate new asset variations within the DAM with Adobe Sensei, Adobe Express, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and more.


Find out what asset data reveals about your users.

Get granular insights into asset usage and performance to understand what characteristics capture your audience and why — so you can make better decisions on which assets work best.

Don’t just take our word for it.
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Saved more than $2 million in a single
business unit by streamlining workflows

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89% increase in retention rate of full-time staff

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75% reduction in time to produce project plans

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Saved 72% of costs on web page globalisation efforts

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Accelerates access to digital assets with a centralised asset hub

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Increased clicks by 190% for “How to Buy” on


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