Gamified learning

Give your teams a more rewarding, engaging way to learn through points, badges and certifications that foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Reward curiosity and stoke competition.

No two words instil dread in teams’ minds more than “mandatory training.” Without the right incentives in place, even the most vital training, such as compliance, will fail to leave an impression on the employees, putting your organisation at risk of falling behind the competition or running afoul of updated regulations and laws.

Adobe Learning Manager turns what used to feel like a lost afternoon in a stuffy conference room into an experience that brings out the competitive spirit in your employees. Through digital badges and leaderboards, learners get rewarded for demonstrating initiative and mastery on their journey through the training process. And you get rewarded with a more informed, valuable workforce. Win-win.


See what makes it work


  • Give learners the chance to compete with their peers by earning cool, sharable badges and climbing their way to the top of the leaderboard.

Recurring certifications

  • Ensure that your organisation is up to date and compliant by automatically assigning courses based on events, like when a certification expires.

Engagement-based rewards

  • Recognise and reward learners when they show initiative and involvement or when they achieve specific learning milestones with badges that can be shared on social media and peer workspaces.

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Forrester study shows economic impact of Adobe Learning Manager.

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