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This Adobe-commissioned Forrester Consulting research, Personalisation At Scale: Bring Forth The Customer And Business Benefits Of Experience Excellence, is a new study that explores the benefits and best practices of delivering personalised experiences during every step of your customer’s journeys.

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Our Personalisation at Scale study shows why personal connections matter.

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to learn more about the current state of personalised customer experiences and how you can scale to deliver personalised experiences to each customer you serve. We surveyed thousands of B2C and B2B customers and business leaders to bring you these new insights.

Forrester’s research shows what businesses must consider when creating a hyper personalisation strategy, including:

  • What is personalisation at scale and what value does it bring to customers and businesses?
  • What obstacles commonly stand in the way of success?
  • Which capabilities are crucial for continuous personalisation at scale strategies?
  • What are the most critical success factors to making personalisation at scale happen today and in the future?

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98% of digital marketers agree that failure to overcome personalisation challenges carries a high cost.*

APAC consumers want to be seen as Individuals!

We’re at the dawn of a new consumer, one who demands brands treat them and know them as multidimensional individuals. Marketing to a ‘segment of one’ is only possible for brands through a hyper-personalisation strategy. Before downloading Adobe-commissioned Forester Consulting Research ‘Personalisation at Scale: Bring Forth the Customer and Business Benefits of Experience Excellence’, watch this video with key insights from APAC consumers.

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The emergence of a new consumer

Make It Personal: Adobe APAC Research Report

Five thousand consumers in Australia, Singapore and India have contributed their time and thinking to this research, participating in surveys conducted between August and September 2022. Their contributions highlight why today’s consumer refuses to be stereotyped, and how brands must adapt to ‘be the one, for everyone’, during every step of a customer’s journey.

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Key Personalisation at Scale insights.

75% of experience leaders are expanding existing personalisation at scale efforts.*

8 in 10 mature organisations surveyed in our research study achieve overperformance in customer success metrics.*

80% of surveyed organisations rate personalisation as critical to business growth.*


“We need to tailor messages to each customer over multiple interactions because we need to prove to our customers that they’re not just a mailing list.”

Personalisation at Scale, page 6; VP at a telecom firm.

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Open the door to enhanced customer connections with Personalisation At Scale: Bring Forth The Customer And Business Benefits Of Experience Excellence.

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*Cited from Personalisation At Scale: Bring Forth The Customer And Business Benefits Of Experience Excellence.*