Reimagining creative ad experiences

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Your customers are exposed to over 5,000 brand messages everyday, mostly from digital channels – specifically Display. To stand out in today’s cluttered digital landscape, some of the biggest brands are leveraging automation to design, customise and deliver engaging experiences across the entire customer journey – that is experiential marketing and advertising.

Take a journey with our Adobe expert as he shares key use cases of leveraging Adobe Advertising Cloud to bring creative ad experiences to the next level.

Why attend this webinar?

Join Udipta Basumatari, Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud, to find out how Adobe is working closely with brands to bring about a new way of looking at creatives as he unveils:

  • The evolution of creatives in advertising and its current state
  • The ‘sweet spot’ to tackle the seemingly paradoxical relationship between personalisation and scale
  • How to stitch Martech pieces together for a cohesive ad experience
Intended audience
  • Marketing Decision Makers and Practitioners
  • Advertising Decision Makers and Practitioners
  • Creative Decision Makers and Practitioners


Udipta Basumatari

Udipta Basumatari
Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Southeast Asia, Adobe

Udipta Basumatari serves as the Performance Group Director for Adobe Advertising Cloud, Southeast Asia. In this role, he focuses on two key areas – setting up a best in class client management team and supporting the growth of the product in the market. He joined the Advertising Cloud team when the product was relatively unknown in Southeast Asia and in over 4 years has grown it to a business which handles millions of dollars in media spend.

Udipta has spent most the last decade mastering programmatic media skills in Singapore, London and India. He has worked on client, vendor and agency side and understands the requirements of each party thoroughly. Outside work, he spends his time exploring new countries and practicing the art of photography and Photoshop.

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