Cloud delivery

Operate with confidence in cloud-based services with continuous releases, monitoring, development tools, and deployment efficiencies.

Run your ecommerce operations with confidence.

Shoppers’ expectations are higher than ever. They want great performance, top-notch security, and engaging interactions. As an ecommerce retailer, you need to know you’re on solid ground with every aspect of your business, from infrastructure to innovative tools to on-point back- and front-end performance.


Adobe Commerce offers continuous delivery of cloud-based services, giving you the benefit of instant access to the latest software version, infrastructure improvements and functionality. Use out-of-the-box tools, integration environments, and optimized performance for the front and back ends to ensure your store is running at 100% at all times. 

Why Adobe Commerce is better in the cloud

Learn how our cloud services can simplify your technology stack accelerate growth, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Adobe Commerce mobile centricity

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Global content delivery

Accelerate your site’s performance using the built-in integration with Fastly’s content delivery network (CDN) based on Varnish. Write custom rules to handle web requests using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) and use the Fastly extension for Commerce to manage all aspects of caching and content delivery.

Image optimization

Use Fastly Image Optimization (IO) — built on Fastly’s CDN — to transform and serve images at the edge, closer to your users, without impacting the origin server. Benefits include drastically increased page speeds and reduced image weight.

Secure cloud

Protect your stores from malicious traffic with extensive security protections, including firewalls at edge-server and origin-server layers, DDoS protection, secure networking connectivity, and an intrusion detection system.

High-availability infrastructure

Deploy globally in nearly any of Amazon Web Services regions with reliable, high-availability architecture and elastic scale.

Deployment tools

Leverage built-in deployment tools that enable agile and rapid development and testing, encourage good deployment practices, and streamline the build and deploy process for all environments.

Technical account management

Get dedicated help from the technical implementation team to assist your on-boarding and guide you through your site launch.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) क्लाउड डिलीवरी के बारे में अधिक जानें

Data warehousing management

More cloud options with AWS and Azure

Choose either AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure as the underlying cloud infrastructure that provides optimized performance, resilience, and elastic scalability.

Data warehousing management

Monitoring with managed alerts

हमारी क्लाउड कॉमर्स डिलीवरी चार अलग-अलग श्रेणियों और दो थ्रेशॉल्ड में प्रबंधित अलर्ट्स के साथ आती है. प्रबंधित अलर्ट्स साइट के प्रदर्शन और स्थिरता को पहले से सक्रिय रूप से ट्रैक करने के लिए 200 मेट्रिक्स की निगरानी करते हैं. इनमें बुनियादी समस्याओं को जल्दी से ठीक करने के निर्देशों जैसे क्लाउड ईकॉमर्स समाधान शामिल हैं.

Data warehousing management

Log aggregation

New Relic से भागीदारी में, Adobe Commerce आपके क्लाउड कॉमर्स परिवेश का समेकित 360-डिग्री दृश्य प्रदान करने वाला क्लाउड ईकॉमर्स लॉगिंग समाधान प्रदान करता है. एक ही स्थान से बुनियादी ढाँचे, एप्लिकेशनों और सामग्री डिलीवरी नेटवर्क और फ़ायरवॉल सेवाओं से एकत्रित लॉग डेटा तक पहुँचें प्राप्त करें.

Data warehousing management

Integrated environment

Adobe Commerce in the cloud offers up to eight integration environments which can be rapidly spun up, merged, cloned, and torn down to aid development and testing. These integration environments work seamlessly with staging and production environments for your live store.

संबंधित सामग्री

आइए हम इस बारे में बात करें कि Adobe Commerce आपके व्यवसाय के लिए क्या कर सकता है.