Adobe Target success stories

See how Adobe Target has helped these leading brands test, optimize, and deliver incredible digital experiences that foster loyalty and boost revenue.

See how some of our customers have done personalization.

“It’s wonderful that we can put out all of this new content quickly, but what makes it really special is that we see exactly how customers respond and refine experience accordingly.”

Joost van Dun, .Com Manager, Corporate Experience, Philips

“We found out quickly that Adobe Experience Cloud could provide the structure backbone of our testing and optimization program by supporting a repeatable process.”

Manager, Digital Testing/Optimization and Personalization, Sprint

“With Adobe Target, we found the ideal balance to address different customer preferences, resulting in a 14% lift in conversion.”

Steven Jones, Associate Director, Testing and Optimization, Progrexion

“People expect to have a great experience. Adobe Target is very simple to use…and it’s fast. It gives us better insights on what the customer is doing while they’re visiting our site, and then building a segment in Analytics and using it in Target is key.”

Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer,

“Adobe Target and personalization is a powerhouse. It allows us to serve those unique experiences to different audiences. We love the automated personalization!”

Alix Hart, Global Head of Digital Marketing, NVIDIA


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