Enlightened marketers are harnessing AI and gaining significant business advantage.

IDC asked marketing leaders a series of questions relating to opportunities and challenges associated with areas of future focus for success. Their responses indicate that enlightened marketers are growing competitive advantage on a foundation of profound strategic methodology. So much so, that it’s reducing the churn in CMO job occupancy.

Key points from the report include:

  • Marketing leaders see GDPR as an opportunity – increasingly owning and leading consent management activities to protect their brand from risk and enhance their standing as custodians of the customer relationship.
  • AI-driven customer engagement is the future – marketers are energetically investing in AI-enablement to optimise their core competencies and enhance operational excellence.
  • Customer journey management is the new mantra – 63% of respondents plan to replace their sales funnel management system with a customer journey management system.

Read Marketing Takes the Lead in Customer Experience Management to find out how marketers are becoming more collaborative and connected with other departments to deliver the corporate brand promise.

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